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6 Critical Reasons for Office 365 Backup: The case for why organizations need to protect Office 365 data
By Veeam | 18/8/2020

Download this report to explore the hazards of not having an Office 365 backup in your arsenal, and why backup solutions for Microsoft Office 365 fill the gap of long-term retention and data protection.

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A VAR's Guide to Efficient Quoting
By ConnectWise | 27/2/2018

This guide explores the pitfalls of quoting with antiquated, internally developed, or custom quoting tools—like spreadsheets—and introduces the benefits of implementing a cloud-based configure-price-quote (CPQ) solution. If you’re ready to speed up your fulfillment process and boost sales rep productivity and effectiveness, read on.

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Backup for Office 365 & Other Profitable Veeam Solutions for Service Providers
By Veeam | 18/8/2020

Download this eBook to explore 5 profitable ways you can grow your Managed Backup Services.

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Comprehensive Data Protection Across Cloud and On-premises Environments
By Commvault | 7/8/2019

Today, many organisations are moving to a more comprehensive strategy for on-premises and cloud data protection. Organisations need a cloud solution that can address the challenges of cloud data protection, for example meeting different data requirements and regulations.

This solution brief outlines the key capabilities of Commvault’s comprehensive cloud platform that can support data protection strategies.

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eBook: 5 Profitable Ways MSPs Grow Managed Backup Services
By Veeam | 29/5/2020

Download this eBook to explore 5 effective ways you can grow your Backup and Disaster Recovery business and profits.

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eBOOK | Think Like a Cybercriminal
By SolarWinds MSP | 7/9/2018

Cybercriminals are a diverse lot, yet you can spot some patterns and motives across the group. For victims, be they businesses or individuals, the outcome of an encounter can usually be quantified—some sort of loss has occurred. From here, you can start to understand the cybercriminal’s motives. The degree of loss can suggest the motive and operating capability of the cybercriminal, but the type of attack must also be considered.

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Empowering Service Providers To Meet New Business Demands
By Epsilon Telecommunications | 17/5/2021

In the past, connectivity was simple. Large enterprises hosted the majority of data and applications on-site or at a nearby data centre, and satellite offices connected back to HQ using basic technologies. Since everything important was hosted nearby, traffic from satellite offices could be routed through HQ for security purposes. This slowed down user access to the corporate network, but that was a minor concern.

However, things have changed. Practically every organisation has adopted some form of cloud services and storage to some degree, while many have embraced hybrid cloud strategies. On top of that, most organisations employ at least a handful of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions offered by cloud service providers (CSP). Now, a huge percentage of network traffic must be routed out to third party network service providers for these cloud services.

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From Enterprise to Edge: Speeding Deployment and Management of Complex IT Infrastructures
By Vertiv | 12/8/2021

Business demands are growing fast, necessitating a different approach to IT management. But fortunately, you can tap the power of Avocent® ADX ecosystem to support your organization’s data center and edge growth.

By harnessing the visibility and automated processes of this centralized, open-source tool, your team can streamline IT management, strengthen security, support users, and provide the uptime and responsiveness your organization requires.

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Lead Generation Made MSPeasy: Tips and Tricks to Fill Your MSP Pipeline
By Datto | 7/5/2019

In this ebook, Datto explores a variety of tried and true methods from IT service professionals and marketing experts for identifying, qualifying and nurturing potential customers.

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Managing Technicians in an MSP Business for Profitability
By SolarWinds MSP | 17/9/2018

When running a managed service provider (MSP) business, the single largest part of the overall costs of doing business is the technicians that support your end customer – from straight salary and benefits, to training, transportation and managing the collection of their time, through to billing the customer. In this series of whitepapers, Karl Palachuk goes through the elements that you need to take into account to best manage your technicians’ time. This includes everything from how to structure their day and their priorities, to tracking their efforts to ensure that your business is being run in the most productive manner – ultimately driving the most profitability.

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