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  • 3 February 2010 22:30

Aeldre Sagen Chooses Portrait Campaign Manager to drive its membership and loyalty program

Portrait Software, a leading provider of insight-driven customer interaction software, announces that Aeldre Sagen (AKA DaneAge) has selected Portrait Campaign Manager (PCM) to automate its membership and loyalty program, supporting over 550,000 members.

Portrait Software, a leading provider of insight-driven customer interaction software, announces that Aeldre Sagen has selected Portrait Campaign Manager (PCM) to automate its membership and loyalty program, supporting over 550,000 members. Aeldre Sagen joins over 10 Danish organisations that now use PCM including 3Denmark, EDS, Médecins Sans Frontières and Ektra Bladet, the largest newspaper publisher in Denmark.  Portrait was chosen in a competitive bid based on its expertise and success with providing automated campaign management solutions.

“We needed the ability to deliver automated, multi-channel communications with personalized and relevant messages, in order to be front-of-mind with our members,” said Torben Schack, CMO, Aeldre Sagen. “With Portrait’s solution for intelligent customer dialogue, pre-defined and customized follow up is automated to provide meaningful communication to individual members - this will enable us to process their requirements more quickly and accurately,” he added.

Aeldre Sagen, which had been using PCM as a hosted solution, recognized that it could increase productivity and marketing ROI by taking the solution in-house. With a powerful dialogue framework it will be able to handle even the most complex multi-step, cross-channel personalized dialogues in order to deliver increased memberships, donations and subscriptions.

Aeldre Sagen, known internationally as DaneAge, is a not-for-profit direct membership organization, supporting a person’s right to an active and meaningful life and to participate in society regardless of age. It has over 10,000 volunteers but relies heavily on direct marketing communications in order to offer individual members relevant products and services such as discounted insurance, travel, mobile phones, events, free advice, discussion forums, a magazine and newspaper. PCM will enable Aeldre Sagen to significantly increase its marketing productivity and provide faster, more efficient one-to-one communications.

“Having Portrait Campaign Manager as an in-house solution will enable us to be more nimble in our approach. The intuitive, easy-to-use "drag and drop" interface for creating customer dialogues, combined with preference and feedback management for improving message relevance, will drive down operational costs and improve campaign responses for memberships, donations and subscriptions,” said Torben Schack, CMO, Aeldre Sagen.

“We are delighted to add Aeldre Sagen to our list of customers in Denmark, said Kieran Kilmartin, Group Marketing Director, Portrait Software. “With Portrait Campaign Manager Aeldre Sagen will be able to spend less time on campaign administration so they can focus their efforts on creative and strategic initiatives that drive the greatest value. Not-for-profit organizations are always tasked with achieving more with less resources, and Portrait’s suite of marketing applications not only optimizes marketing efficiency but dramatically improves the effectiveness of all marketing campaigns”, he added.

Around 100 organizations from a variety of industry sectors across the world have purchased Portrait Campaign Manager. Strategically important to today’s economic climate, Portrait Campaign Manager supports creative and compelling campaigns to address customer acquisition, loyalty, customer retention and cross-sell by ensuring that the right message reaches the right customer at the right time via the right channel.


About Portrait Software

Portrait Software enables organizations to engage with each of their customers as individuals, resulting in improved customer profitability, increased retention, reduced risk, and outstanding customer experiences. This is achieved through a suite of innovative, insight-driven applications which empower organizations to create enduring one-to-one relationships with their customers. The Portrait suite seamlessly integrates the world's most advanced customer analytics, powerful inbound and outbound campaign management, and best-in-class business process integration to drive real time customer interactions that communicate precisely the right message through the right channel, at the right time.

Our 300 + customers include industry-leading organizations in customer-intensive sectors. They include Merrill Lynch, Lloyds Banking Group, US Bank, Dell, Nationwide Building Society, T-Mobile, Telenor, Fingerhut, Bank of Ireland, Bank of Tokyo and Fiserv Bank Solutions.

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About Aeldre Sagen

DaneAge Association is a national membership organization founded in 1986. The association has approximately 525,000 members organized in 219 local chapters/committees. DaneAge is a not-for-profit NGO, a direct membership organization, founded in 1986.

The mission of DaneAge is to support a person’s right to create an active and meaningful life on their own terms and actively be able to participate in society, regardless of age. DaneAge has a membership base of close to 550,000 individuals (the Danish population is 5.4 million people), where 27 % of all Danes aged 50+ are members.

DaneAge is independent and neutral in regard to party politics, religion, and ethnic origins with 10,000 volunteers working in the local chapters, doing voluntary social work, carrying out local membership activities, and doing local lobbying, etc. DaneAge is the first charter member of AARP Global Network, the pre-eminent international network of organizations serving the needs of the mature population in countries around the world,  

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