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  • 15 April 2004 09:32

VM Lab launches Corporate Internet Café in a Box

Virtual Machine Laboratories (VM Lab) today announced the availability of Corporate Internet Café in-a-Box (CIC) solutions designed to address the security concern and frustrations associated with providing staff and visitors Internet access.

CIC eliminates Internet browsing and download traffic on the corporate network without impacting on the ability of staff Internet access. Instead of directly connecting to web sites on the Internet thus exposing the corporate network, users access the Internet from their desktops/PDAs by taking up virtual seats in the CIC via remote desktop. For a one-page diagrammatic representation, see .

In terms of containing Internet threats arising from staff Internet access, CIC solutions are inherently more secure compared to other popular implementations where users can surf, download and email directly from the same desktop. Simply put, a PC deprived of direct Internet connectivity is intrinsically more secure than one with such a connection.

“With CIC, a Trojan or key-logging program landed via email on your corporate network will not have a path to contact the master site directly. CIC wins by eliminating the direct link whereas mainstream approaches today like firewall or IDS struggle by monitoring the link.” says Alice Ng, marketing manager at VM Lab.

CIC also boosts staff productivity and reduces Internet browsing activities without the need for often un-enforceable policies, unpopular memos and costly filtering software. CEOs will find it reassuring that the sixth user in a 5-seat CIC installation will actually need to request an existing user to vacate his/her seat in order to get in.

“Inevitable virus infections and intrusions due to outbreaks or staff oversights are automatically contained within the café instead of spreading to other parts of the LAN. Security administrators will be pleased to know that virtual seats in the café are invisible to one another and cannot initate connections to the corporate networks.”

“As an industry first, CIC can be configured to ‘guarantee’ or restore the originally virus-and-worms-free environment upon each reboot. This may seem obvious considering that the café itself can be started from read-only media such as DVD using virtual machine technology. Given that every IT manager wants and none is prepared to guarantee a virus free environment, this virtual-machine-based security practice has got to be one of the best-kept industry secrets.”

The solution framework and core technologies used by CIC such as disposable virtual machine, firewall, intelligent network segmentation and remote desktop are not new. Nevertheless, favorable pricing and licensing changes introduced recently by both Microsoft and VMware have made the solutions more attractive.

While marketed as an in-a-box solution, clients do have the flexibility of plugging in firewalls of their choice for additional peace of mind.

About Virtual Machine Laboratories

Virtual Machine Laboratories (VM Lab), a subsidiary of Audisoft Pty Limited, is Australia’s pioneering virtual machine solutions provider. Clients use VM Lab solutions to realize business benefits made possible by the deployment of virtual machine technologies from leading vendors such as VMware and Microsoft. The company is based in Sydney, Australia. For more information, visit or call +61 2 9570 8789.

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