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  • 20 November 2019 23:44

Laser Hair Removal Market Trends In Healthcare Industry

The global laser hair removal market is segmented on the basis of end-user, and regions. For a better understanding of the laser hair removal market, Acumen Research has also provided a detailed analysis of trends, drivers and restraints that dominate the present market scenario and the future status of the healthcare industry during the forecasted period.

The global laser hair removal market is estimated to grow at CAGR above 15.4% over the forecast time frame 2019-2026 and reach the market value of around $3.9 billion by 2026. Increasing awareness regarding the safety offered by laser devices is fueling the market growth. Growing technological advancements in the market is another factor for the growth of the market. For instance, mixing of modalities, by Quanta Systems in Thunder MT system.

This technology is also effective for other treatments like blue veins. It allows specialists to operate photo-rejuvenation facials in only 15 minutes. Increasing demand for laser devices for hair removal is propelling market growth. Real genie technology is increasingly being used in these devices.

Europe Holds the Second Leading Share In The Global Laser Hair Removal Market. Know Who's The Hold First Leading Share Of This Market? Ask Here 

Laser hair removal devices are one of the advanced products used in the hair removal. During last few years, the increasing demand for the advanced hair removal devices has led to the introduction of the laser hair removal devices. Being a nascent market the laser hair removal devices possess a huge opportunity in the near future. Improved standard of living and rising disposable income tremendously affects the laser hair removal market growth positively. Moreover, latest launch of advanced laser hair removal products by the major companies has increased the consumption of the hair removal product, driving the market growth. Moreover, technological discoveries owing to continuous R&D in the area of processing and cost-effective production have boosted the laser hair removal market growth. On the other hand, high cost of the treatment and devices may slow the growth of the laser hair removal market.

The laser hair removal is segmented by end user.

On the basis of type, the global laser hair removal is segmented into dermatology clinics, beauty clinics and others. Dermatology clinics dominates the global laser hair removal market owing to high adoption of laser hair removal devices, and most preferred place for the treatment by people.

Asia Pacific is expected to be fastest growing market for laser hair removal owing to the presence of huge population and changing lifestyle are major diving factor in this region. Increased GDP, modern lifestyle pattern, the purchasing power of end-user and rising concerns about UV effects, aging and hair fall problems in the region have boosted the growth of the Asia Pacific laser hair removal market. The LAMEA laser hair removal market is majorly driven by increasing awareness regarding availability of advanced laser hair removal products, and changing lifestyle of the people. LAMEA holds the least share in the global laser hair removal market owing to the presence of poor economies in African region. The major LAMEA market share is holds by Middle east region due to the presence of developed economy and continuously rising spending of the people.

Competitive Landscape:

The profiles of the leading players are done with the analyzing of the Porter’s Five Force model and SWOT analysis to understand the competitive landscape in the laser hair removal market. The study also encompasses market attractiveness, wherein the services are benchmarked based on market share, market size, and growth rate. Some of the major players analyzed and profiles in this market include Hologic, Inc (Cynosure), Apax Partners (Syneron Candela), Fosun Pharma (Sisram), XIO Group (Lumenis), Elen s.p.a, Cutera, Lutronic, Venus Concept, Miracle Laser Systems Inc, Valeant Pharmaceuticals (Solta Medical Inc), Viora, Fotona, Sciton Inc, Lynton Lasers Group, and Sharplight Technologies Ltd.

Market Segment Analysis:

Acumen Research report focuses on market attractiveness by assessing the key market segments. The report also combines region-wise segments for a better understanding of the supply and demand ratio of the global laser hair removal market. This exclusive study of the report analyzes the present and future market scenario and the industry trends that are influencing the growth of the segments. Besides, the report also covers the value chain analysis, supply chain analysis, and year-on-year basis analysis of the global laser hair removal market.

Market Segmentation Market By End User

  • Dermatology Clinics
  • Beauty Clinics

Market Regional Analysis:

Based on the regions, the global laser hair removal market is segmented into -North America (US and Canada), Europe (UK, Germany, France, Spain and Rest of Europe), Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India, Australia, South Korea and Rest of Asia-Pacific), Latin America (Mexico, Brazil and Rest of Latin America), Middle East & Africa (GCC, South Africa and Rest of MEA)

Key Questions Answered in the Report

The report addresses key questions concerning the market evolution and overarching trends shaping global market growth. Some of the key questions answered in the report include-

- What is the overall structure of the market?
- What was the historical value and what is the forecasted value of the market?
- What are the key product level trends in the market?
- What are the market level trends in the market?
- Which of the market players are leading and what are their key differential strategies to retain their stronghold?
- Which are the most lucrative regions in the market space?

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