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  • 28 June 2019 16:29

Demand For Global Headphones Market is Projected to Grow at Highest CAGR

Headphones are types of electronic devices that are used for listening audio files, radio, and music.

New York, Jun 28, 2019: They contain two small speakers, which are placed on ears, either sides of user’s head. Speakers are connected with small band which holds them together. Headphones have small cushions that provides sound insulation and comfort to the end user. It is electronic transducers that coverts electrical signals to sound waves. Headphones provides good quality sound as it done not require to move air like loudspeakers. It contains ear pads, headband, connectors and cable, housing of different materials, headphone drivers such as magnet, river coil, and diaphragm.

On the basis of design headphones can be divided into two types on-ear headphones and over-ear headphones. On-ear headphones are light weight than over-ear headphones and ear cups sit on ear. Some types of on-ear headphones are clip-ons in orderly comfortably fit on ear. Over-ear headphones reduce external noise disturbances and prides comfortable cover for ears.

Headphones are used by individuals for listening speech, music, or any type of audio or audio-video file in private without causing disturbance to others. They also are used to listen using any type of devices with jack in crowded places, offices, parks, airports, parks, etc. Headphones that comes with attached microphones are used for two-way communication. They are commonly used in call centers, help centers, emergency centers, and business process outsourcing center. Availability of various types of headphones in affordable cost is making consumers more inclined towards its usage.

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There are various types of headphones available in the market which included wired headphones and wireless headphones. Wireless headphones use connectivity technology for connecting to the device. Bluetooth is mostly used for connecting them to smart devices. Commonly, rechargeable lithium battery is installed inside the wireless headphone as it required power source for functioning. User can move freely while using wireless headphones as they are not connected using wire and it also allows user to move to certain distance from device without breaking connection. These are factors resulting into increasing demand for wireless headphones among individuals. Noise cancelling headphones is one of the type of headphones, which are designed to eliminate external noise and providing high quality sound without external noise. They can be used where there are high levels of noise. This is a factor increasing inclination of individuals towards usage of noise cancelling headphones. However, prolong use of headphones at more than 85 decibels can adversely affect hearing ability and health of an individual. This factor could affect demand for headphones.

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Increasing demand for Asia Pacific region, owing to growing consumer electronics sector in countries in this region. Increasing penetration of smartphones and other smart devices as well as rising disposable income of individuals is expected to increase adoption of headphones with advanced technology in the coming years.

Type of headphones are categorized into closed back, semi-open back, and fully-open back. Application of headphones are categorized into studio, stage, critical listening, mixing. Key player of headphones market are Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, AKG, Grado, Audio-Technica, Beats, KOSS, Sony, Pioneer, Shure, Samson Technologies, Denon.

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