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  • 13 December 2018 04:26

Global Press Release Distribution Services EmailWire on Brand Management Software

Today's global newswire with unlimited press release distribution services defines brand management, brand management software.

(EMAILWIRE, December 12, 2018) Houston, TX -- The global newswire with unlimited press release distribution services (, looks at the definition of brand management and brand management software with a free ebook: "Brand Management Software for Dummies": .

Marketing pundits insist that for a company to succeed, it must uphold its brand. Hence, some organizations today are using brand management software to function above the fray or becoming winners in their respective business domains. How does one select the right software for brand management? Bynder, believes that this book, "Brand Management Software for Dummies," can help organizations "learn why brand management matters to marketers, creatives, and even the bean counters." This easy to read book “explains in plain English how you can select and implement this important branding tool and how doing so will help set up your organization for success, no matter what today’s tech wizards dream up tomorrow."

According to Bynder, here is what you'll learn from the book:

- How to prepare to purchase brand management software - Why you need to document and update brand management guidelines - How brand templates make content creators more productive - Why you need a brand library - How to manage creative workflows and reduce the time for approval cycles

To get a free copy, go to Definitions and purpose of brand management and software

For one to use brand management software, it is important to first understand brand management. Business Dictionary defines Brand management as "The process of maintaining, improving, and upholding a brand so that the name is associated with positive results," but Management Study Guide looks at brand management based on "developing a promise, making that promise and maintaining it." Brand management is tied to marketing of a product or service; therefore, to manage a brand, a company must know its name, attributes, positioning, identity, image, personality, awareness, loyalty, association and promise.

In order to build, protect and ensure continuity of any brand based on the characteristics, an organization needs a brand software. The people at MarcomCentral write that "the fundamental purpose of brand management software is to build and protect your brand across all the channels used to reach and engage with customers, prospects, and partners." It is "unique class of content management technology built especially for the challenges facing marketers," the web site added.

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