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  • 9 October 2014 10:44

Acronis Snap Deploy 5: Now Twice as Fast as Before for Provisioning, Configuring and Reimaging Workstations and Servers

Acronis®, the global leader in new generation data protection, today announced the availability of Acronis Snap Deploy® 5, a tool trusted by over 27,000 organisations for system deployment and provisioning.

Snap Deploy 5 increases IT, worker and student productivity by allowing educational institutions, corporate training centres, and any organisation responsible for large enterprise deployments to rapidly refresh workstations and provision mass deployment on devices.

With Snap Deploy 5, IT can refresh workstations and devices twice as fast, returning them to their standard configuration or deploy updates to thousands of machines as fast as they could provision one system. This ensures employees, students and other users can work from devices free of viruses, downloads or spyware attracted by a previous user. The product is also now compatible with Windows® 8.1 and the Microsoft Surface™ tablet, for additional flexibility.

“At my primary school, every two to three weeks we reimage about 300 workstations, ranging from Windows XP to Windows 7, so students can effectively work during labs or for class,” says Tom Lawson, network manager with a UK-based primary school.

“Without Acronis Snap Deploy, it’d take me a week to reinstall everything on a single computer. Now I can do 300 in three days, increasing my productivity and allowing me to focus on supporting students and managing issues that may crop up on the server. This is also important for my students with special needs; after each reimaging, their computers are exactly the same as before, diminishing confusion and letting them focus more on learning each day.”

Acronis Snap Deploy 5 creates an exact system image of any standard configuration that an organisation chooses and deploys the image to multiple PCs and servers. Through a high-performance dispatch and central administration point, the product provisions rapid bare-metal initial deployments to many workstations and servers, and is ideal for on-going deployment to the same or different hardware in education, training, and lab environments. With its Acronis Universal Deploy feature, the product empowers IT managers to provision hundreds of workstations or servers, regardless of the architecture, as fast as they can provision just one. From setting up devices for a batch of new employees, to resetting school computers between new classes, Acronis Snap Deploy provides the flexibility to deploy to multiple operating systems including Windows Server, PCs, Microsoft Surface, and Linux®.

The award-winning disk imaging technology for Acronis Snap Deploy 5 is powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine and creates an exact disk image of any standard configuration - the operating system, files and all applications - and simultaneously deploys the image to multiple machines in one easy step. Acronis Snap Deploy also automatically manages machine-specific configurations. Fueled by more than 100 patents, the Acronis AnyData Engine powers all Acronis new generation data protection products, allowing IT managers to use one or more products, or add on additional products based on their specific needs.

New features in Acronis Snap Deploy 5 include:

● 2X faster deployment ● Windows 8.1/2012 support ● Acronis Universal Deploy ● Windows tablet deployment ● Linux deployment ● Support of images prepared with Sysprep ● Site licensing option ● Acronis Backup format support

“Acronis Snap Deploy is a testament to our commitment to delivering simple, easy-to-use products for any organisation’s new generation data protection needs,” says Jan-Jaap Jager, EVP APJ and Emerging Markets & President of Acronis International. “The new speed - twice as fast - in Acronis Snap Deploy 5 helps IT move even quicker to provision multiple machines. This is ideal for refreshing computer labs and diminishing workload on IT. It’s a product our customers and partners can gain immediate value from.”

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