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  • 11 May 2022 05:11

Use of Niche Blogs in Link Building

For Link Building, Niche Blogs do the prospecting job of getting qualified users to click the links through niche keywords and user segmentation.

Niche Blogs are pre-defined content that are prepared and promoted with specific target audience in mind and to achieve specific goals and objectives in an industry niche. Niche Blogs reach out to niche audiences who need solutions in the particular niche subjects and fields. For Link Building, Niche Blogs do the prospecting job of getting qualified users to click the links through niche keywords and user segmentation. The difference between Niche Blogs and Generic Blogs is the difference in the quality of traffic landing on the web pages. Generic Blogs may create huge footfalls on your website or web pages, but when it comes to lead generation and conversions, it is discouragingly very low. On the other hand, Niche Blogs may create fewer footfalls on your website but those interested users will stick on for more time on your website, view more web adages, taken actions and eventually prove to be worthy customers and leads for higher conversions and business results. Read further to know in detail. To get the best link building services, New Zealand, check here.

Niche Blogging: Way to Unclog Marketing Clutter

Link Building through Niche Blogs is relatively easy and also more rewarding. Easy in the sense that promoting the niche keywords in Google and search engines in relatively very easy to get your pages on the top of the search results pages. Generic keywords have more audience but at the same time, it is too difficult to get your pages on top ranking positions in Google and various search engines. Link Building through Niche Blogs is more rewarding in the sense that it takes lesser effort to get the results when compared to the Generic Blogs. The real needs of the readers of the Generic Blogs are broad and thus it cannot be really known and guessed whether or not these readers and users need your solutions for their problems.

For example, an article on real estate prices do not indicate whether the users are buying land, homes or agricultural property. But a specific niche blog such as ‘Rising prices of Villas in Wellington’ talks directly on one particular aspect of the real estate industry. The likelihood of readers reading this niche article on Villas in Wellington who could have landed on the Niche Blog through keywords such as ‘Villas prices in Wellington’, Real estate trends in Wellington’, etc., to buy the property is very high than those reading the generic blog ‘Rising prices of Villas in Wellington’. The Niche Blog ‘Villas prices in Wellington’ talks specifically about one type of property in a specific location (Wellington’ and this provides specific solution to specific needs of users. Hence, the conversion rate is higher than generic posts. For PerfectLinkBuilding New Zealand, check the perfect packages here.

Niche Blogs: Nice Way to Pitch

Through Niche Blogs, you can segment the content for specific topics, sub topics, product features, product use cases, product benefits, locations, audience, etc., by specifically covering only those areas and subjects and thus providing information about those subjects. The marketing pitch becomes quite easy and focused as you can talk and discuss about only one or few dimensions instead of vaguely presenting your solutions to unknown general audience without specifically knowing and covering anybody’s problems and issues. Thus specific promotion helps to get the targeted and interested audience to click on your links and visit more pages.

Regulate Your Audience

Using Niche Blogs, you can regulate the audience flow into your website by appealing to preferred segments of your market with the subjects and topics that you are covering through keywords and solutions. For this, you will have to do research to find the keywords and topics that appeal to specific audiences that you are targeting. With Generic Blogs, you cannot focus on specified audiences as they reach out to the entire industry or audience in the particular field without any segmentation and targeting filters.

Control Your Backlink Traffic

You can control the backlink traffic to other Niche Blogs by using the appropriate and right backlink texts named Anchor Texts and relevant backlinked web pages. You can channelize and control which audience and readers should read particular Niche Blogs from Niche Blogs that people read. You can define the flow through the overall Link Building strategy and the desired audiences land on specific pages and Niche Blogs.

Increase Quality Interactions

By quality discussions and content in the Niche Blogs, you can increase the number of quality interactions and engagements by defining the content flow. You can enable and lead the users to take action on the Call-To-Actions as per your needs and strategic requirements, and get the desired actions according to your Link Building objectives.

Improve Conversions

Yo can nurture the audience and prune the audience flow by bettering its quality through the linked Niche Blogs that filter the audience according to your lead generation filters. As a result, you will get quality leads which give better conversions and high Return-On-Investments on your Link Building efforts.

Achieve Link Building Objectives

One approach to achieve your Link Building objectives is to define the quality and number of page visits, referral traffic, leads and conversions. Then, with a view of the required results for page visits, referral traffic, leads and conversions, you can custom-create each Niche Blog with the right message, keywords, content flow, inter-blog traffic flow, landing pages and conversion pages and promote them through the right means such as SEO. paid promotions, social media sharing, etc., so that your Link Building objectives are fulfilled.


The use of Niche Blogs as a strategic Link Building tool and methods works best with the best implementation of ideas, practices, activities and campaigns with strict adherence to SEO ad Link Building guidelines, goal objectives, strategic needs and purposes. The major advantage of Niche Blogs is their ability to regulate the audience flow into the Niche Blogs as well as the linked Niche Blogs through referral traffic because of your control on content and referral URLs on the Niche Blogs. The chosen topics, subjects, titles, narration, keywords and discussion therein define your web pages’ search engines ranking positions and help generate the right traffic to your Niche Blogs which then turn into quality leads and valuable business conversions.

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