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  • 4 December 2013 17:30

Acronis Launches US$10 Million R&D Centre for Producing Next-Generation Data Protection Technologies

Acronis Labs will focus on driving innovations in cloud technologies, storage, backup and access.

Acronis®, a global leader in backup and disaster recovery as well as data protection solutions, announced today that it will make a significant investment of US$10 million into Acronis Labs, a new R&D initiative which will address the growing challenges associated with cloud services, big data, archiving and mobility tools.

Acronis Labs will focus a portion of investments in human resources to hire the top computer scientists, developers and programmers. The Labs will address the growing needs to store vast amounts of data, drive down associated costs and utilise cloud technologies. The teams based in Arlington, VA, USA, and Moscow, Russia will build upon leading technologies found in Acronis True Image®, Acronis Backup & Recovery® and Acronis Storage, while also focusing on:

• Creating next-generation storage management technologies

• Developing performance product evaluation to ensure that all products are top of the line and efficient, fast, secure and reliable

• Strengthening Acronis patent portfolio

• Perfecting complex technologies for use in broad market products

Serguei Beloussov, Acronis CEO, said: “The data protection and backup sectors are more important now than ever before, since we’re deluged with growing amounts of data that’s central to our personal lives and businesses. We are launching Acronis Labs to accelerate the creation of new technologies that solve this massive problem, which potentially affects everyone who uses a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Acronis Labs is the place to be if you want to create new ways of dealing with data storage and see them pushing the limits of what is possible for millions of users of Acronis products.”

The core of Acronis Labs is a dedicated full-time team of computer scientists, developers and programmers with extensive experience at the company, some working at Acronis since it was founded. Acronis VP of Engineering, Max Lyadvinsky will bring his 12 years of expertise in managing complex software projects and interest in cloud and big data technologies to head Acronis Labs. He holds 31 patents for backup and storage technologies and was instrumental in creating Acronis Backup and Recovery, which is made up of 4.7 million lines of code. One of Acronis’ most prominent engineers with over 15 years of expertise in storage and the company’s core technologies, Alexey Trunov, will dedicate his time as the Lab’s Chief Architect.

Acronis Labs will consist of four organisational units, closely collaborating with each other:

• Core Lab: This team will focus on creating strategic technologies that will become the foundation of Acronis’ future products, building on success of existing Acronis technologies and addressing the challenges of big data, mobility and cloud.

• Performance Lab: This team will develop technologies and best practices for measuring and optimising performance parameters of next generation storage components on a large scale. A significant portion of the initial investment will be dedicated to outfitting the lab with top-notch hardware.

• Intellectual Property (IP) Lab: IP Lab would not be limited to assigning patents to the parent company, but also incentivise all Acronis’ employees to create and patent promising ideas with the help and support of IP Lab experts. The IP Lab aims to build on the existing 100+ Acronis patent portfolio to strengthen its position as one of the most innovative Russian high-tech companies.

• Product Lab: The team within Product Lab will focus on productising existing and newly developed narrowly focused technologies that will later become landmark features of Acronis products. Product Lab will perfect these technologies (including usability, performance and positioning) before adopting them into Acronis mainline products.

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