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  • 1 November 2013 14:26

500Mbps Nano PowerLine Adapter with Integrated Power Socket from Edimax Technology

The HP-5102AC features an integrated power socket and 500Mbps speed capability, in a compact, slick design which won’t interfere with a neighboring power socket. The newest member of the Edimax Powerline family is a reliable and effective home or office networking solution and an intelligent alternative to traditional Ethernet infrastructures, providing high-speed connectivity without any additional cabling required. Edimax Technology consistently strives to bring consumers the high quality, super-fast networking solutions that modern homes and businesses demand and the HP-5102AC, with IGMP support and in-built energy saving technology, represents our continued and uncompromising pursuit of excellence.

Compact and Convenient with Integrated Power Socket

Backward compatibility with HomePlug 1.0 devices enables the HP-5102AC to be integrated into an existing network without any issues. No additional cabling is required so you can enjoy convenient, fast network access anywhere you need. For anyone who would rather avoid unsightly and disruptive cables, or in scenarios where existing Ethernet infrastructures are not sufficient for your needs, simply transform the existing electrical wiring in your home into a reliable, high-speed network. And the HP-5102AC has been redesigned to be smaller and sleeker than ever before, now featuring an integrated power socket. The HP-5102AC’s inventive design allows you to plug any electrical device into the HP-5102AC as you would a regular power socket, and the device is compact enough that neighboring sockets can be used without interference – eliminating concerns about socket availability and ensuring that using the HP-5102AC is as efficient as possible.

500Mbps speeds for HD Video & Digital Audio

The HP-5102AC reaches speeds of up to 500Mbps over powerline, ideal for transferring high definition video and digital audio across your local network and with a transmission range of up to 300 meters. Bandwidth-intensive media can be transferred across your home at blazing speeds and the in-built QoS (Quality of Service) feature is engineered to prioritize bandwidth between applications depending on usage, providing a smooth and lag-free experience. In addition, support for IGMP multicast streams communication protocol further optimizes the HP-5102 for online gaming and video streaming, allowing for more efficient use of network resources and providing the fast and reliable connectivity which modern homes and businesses rely on.

Hardware Combo Group/Reset Button

A group/reset button is incorporated into the HP-5012AC’s hardware design to facilitate quick and simple network connections. Simply press the button and the adapter will help you to connect to your existing network and set up a password automatically. Or use the secondary function to reset the device back to its factory default settings in the unlikely event of any network issues.

128-Bit AES Encryption

The HP-5101 complies with the 128-bit AES encryption standard, which offers the highest standard of security for your PowerLine network. Network security is a critical concern for any home or business, with valuable files and documents or treasured family photographs increasingly stored digitally. Even with such a simple and straightforward setup process, the HP-5102 doesn’t sacrifice network safety and can be trusted to keep your network secure.


  • Integrated power socket with noise filter
  • Easy plug-n-play setup and 128 bit AES security
  • Max. PowerLine speed up to 500Mbps
  • Backward compatible with 200Mbps PowerLine adapters
  • Features energy saving mode to reduce power consumption
  • Utilizes existing electrical wires to transmit network data
  • Powerline transmission range up to 300 meters
  • Up to 16 PowerLine adapters can be used together across a home or office, using advanced 128-bit AES secure encryption and transmitting data over existing electrical wires at speeds up to 500Mbps.

    About Edimax Technology

    Founded in 1986, Edimax Technology is committed to providing premier networking solutions to consumers and enterprises. Edimax has a global presence with offices in over 14 countries including the US, UK, Germany and Taiwan (Taipei) and has been listed on the Taiwanese Stock Exchange since 2001. Edimax’s complete product portfolio fulfills all the connectivity needs of any network architecture or application requirement.

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