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  • 17 September 2013 09:26

Mindjet and Spigit merge to advance repeatable business innovation

The global leaders in project-based collaboration and enterprise innovation join forces to create the first business platform that delivers real business results

Sydney, Australia – September 17, 2013 – Mindjet®, the leader in project-based collaboration software, and Spigit®, the leading innovation management platform, announced their merger creating the first business platform that effectively manages innovation from idea creation to opportunity selection to project completion.

Mindjet is used by 83% of the Fortune 100™, and over two million global users, to brainstorm and plan on virtual whiteboards, create and co-edit plans, share files, and keep everyone on the same page with real-time task & project management. In 2012 Mindjet was the most awarded collaboration company, winning eight high-profile awards. Nearly two million users worldwide and over 3,000 companies, including leading brands across retail, healthcare, financial, technology, government, insurance, utilities and pharmaceutical industries use Spigit to make innovation a mission critical, repeatable, predictable, and quantifiable business process. In 2012, Inc. Magazine listed Spigit as the #1 fastest growing private software company in California. Spigit continued to build upon its momentum in 2013 with record revenue growth and Forrester identified Spigit as a leader in Innovation Management.

The combination of Mindjet and Spigit will create the first enterprise platform that drives business results through repeatable business innovation. According to a recent survey conducted by Bain & Company, two-thirds of executives at companies generating over $100 million in revenue named innovation as one of their top three priorities. Yet, in that same survey, less than a quarter of the same executives believed their companies were effective innovators. In a similar Accenture survey of large enterprise executives, 70% ranked innovation among their top five business priorities and said that a holistic process is key to successful outcomes. Today’s companies require a software platform that goes beyond social business in the workplace and helps them integrate innovation into their business processes to grow their business. Mindjet and Spigit help companies innovate to identify their best ideas and then manage those opportunities to completion.

Social Business needs to go beyond simple communication for employee involvement. Unlike previous generations of Social Business software, the expanded offerings support the full Vision to Action™ Lifecycle, allowing businesses to manage innovation from ideas through successful completion. Businesses can use crowdsourcing, mind mapping, big data analytics and game mechanics technology to surface and develop the very best ideas, and then bring those ideas to market with a purpose-driven project management suite. Following the merger, Mindjet and Spigit will integrate and Spigit's executive team will assume leadership roles within the newly expanded Mindjet organisation led by Mindjet CEO Scott Raskin.

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Supporting Quotes

"BECU places a premium on member and employee engagement. We have powered our innovation needs and increased our employee collaboration, alignment, and commitment around the future of our organisation. The response at BECU has been fantastic" said Jeffrey Duke, Manager of Collaborative Innovation at BECU. "We are looking forward to the addition of complementary collaborative project management capabilities providing a complete, end-to-end social business platform from Mindjet and Spigit."
- Jeffrey Duke, Manager of Collaboration, Boeing Employees Credit Union

“The expanded Mindjet will help us solve some of the problems facing our organisation. While we are making progress helping project teams communicate, plan, and manage more effectively, the combination of Mindjet and Spigit will allow us to work across individual project teams to: gain broader participation in ideation, engage disparate parts of our company in collaboration, and move plans into action more quickly. At the same time we are trying to forge a common, unifying culture across the many silos created by the nature of our project-driven work. The merged strengths of these products provide a tangible way to address this need.”
- Bob Spielvogel, chief technology officer, EDC

"Social business solutions should provide the ability to capture insight, intelligently filter information and deliver it into action in the business. The merger of Mindjet and Spigit brings together the core elements that drive business value from social solutions; process, structure, business context and relevance."
- Vanessa Thompson, Research Manager, Enterprise Social Networks and Collaborative Technologies, IDC

"Idea generation and idea implementation are part of a natural flow in innovation. The market lacks a complete solution in innovation management today. More importantly, companies need to move from getting work done to succeeding in purposeful collaboration."
- R "Ray" Wang, principal analyst & CEO, Constellation Research

“The combination of Mindjet and Spigit introduces the first enterprise software to deliver a repeatable process from driving innovation – from idea generation through opportunity selection through project execution. Mindjet will help customers not only to develop a pipeline of transformative ideas but also to commercialise them and take them to market.”
- Scott Raskin, CEO, Mindjet

“Together, Mindjet and Spigit will set a new competitive standard, redefining the innovation process, from idea creation to project completion, ensuring that our customer’s greatest ideas become their greatest successes.”
- Paul Pluschkell, CEO, Spigit

About Mindjet
Mindjet software makes team collaboration on projects simple and smart by getting what's important out front: your ideas. Brainstorm and plan on virtual whiteboards, create and co-edit plans, share files, and keep everyone on the same page with real-time task & project management. Mindjet is used by 83% of the Fortune 100™ and works with your current IT investments and on whatever web-enabled devices you use. It integrates with your most-used enterprise apps, including Microsoft Office & Project, SharePoint®, Yammer, and Box. For more information, visit

About Spigit
Spigit is the global leader in Enterprise Innovation Management, helping organisations unleash the creativity of employees, customers and partners to find transformative ideas that drive growth. Leveraging crowdsourcing, game mechanics and big data analytics, Spigit’s platform is helping the world’s leading brands invent disruptive products, generate new revenue streams, build an innovation culture, reduce costs and significantly improve employee and customer engagement. Highly respected companies in the Retail, Healthcare, Financial, Technology, Government, Insurance, Utilities and Pharmaceutical industries use Spigit. Headquartered in San Francisco’s Bay Area, Spigit is the innovation engine that drives growth and a key player in the social enterprise market. Spigit was recognised in the 2012 Inc. 500|5000 as the #1 fastest growing private software company in the California and the 4th fastest growing company in the software sector in the United States. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @Spigit.

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