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  • 13 March 2013 10:29

Abuzz to release first Touch Screen Retail Shopper Mapping Data

RETAIL INDUSTRY TECHNOLOGY PRESS RELEASE (Sydney Wednesday March 13)) For the First time in Australia a comprehensive pool of “Big Data” shopping center customer behavoir mapping collected from a national network of hundreds of interactive touch screen “Wayfinding” kiosks is to be made available to retail industry market and category researchers and center designers. For more information/photos please contact Abuzz CEO Jeremy Richardson 02 8323 5100 or PR Terry Quinn 0439 710 418 or visit


Abuzz, Australia’s largest interactive touch screen Wayfinding kiosk designer believes its 363 kiosks in major shopping center locations have now reached “critical mass” with thousands of shoppers accessing its screens at a record rate of 10 “touches” per second across its national network The Abuzz network of kiosks are located in 44 shopping centre locations (most are “Premium Centres”) accommodating more than 12,000 tenants, who in turn service approximately 476 million shopper “visits” per year. According to Abuzz CEO Jeremy Richardson, the national Abuzz Kiosk Network has reached “critical mass” and is now able to provide “invaluable big data mapping analytics for retail market researchers, retail category marketers, shopping center planners and architects. – plus much more.” “Abuzz is the largest specialist interactive navigation company in Australia and exports its award winning technology throughout the world,” Mr. Richardson said. Touch screen “wayfinding kiosks” are just one micro part of the global geo services industry which maps human behavior data - such as Google Maps – and has been estimated to be worth as much as $270 Billion a year. “The raw data our kiosk network collects everyday offers the retail industry detailed – and very valuable – shopper behavior raw data mapping information faster and more acurately than is currently available.” “And new innovations within the search functions will provide even greater data value for marketers looking to drive customers to retail environments.” “Abuzz Wayfinder Kiosks can now provide important data such as the most searched for items (electronics) and most browsed for category (fashion),” Mr. Richardson said. “But that is just the beginning. Soon we will have shoppers searching for specific products and brands, using their own terminology.” “However I must stress that our Kiosks do not – and cannot – record identifiable personal shopper information – we just map bulk shopper trends and search requests.” “This data is however very valuable indeed for revealing trends in shopper habits and has the potential to save both individual retailers and Center managements thousands – perhaps millions – when planning for future trends, category selection and traffic flow projections - especially those centres engaging with us in the mobile space, providing their shoppers with real-time positioning. ” “But best of all, we can effectively eliminate the chance that a shopper will ever be lost searching for their car in the car park, and we feel that is worth the time to download the app.” ABOUT ABUZZ Abuzz has been producing multi-award-winning kiosk solutions since 1995. Innovative design, quality products and service set Abuzz apart from its competitors. Our philosophy is that kiosks, and now devices such as smartphones and tablets, provide an important interface between retailers, center managers, designers and customers. Abuzz also designs Wayfinder Kiosks for Hospitals and Universities. What We Do Abuzz enables organisations to define and successfully deploy innovative interactive digital solutions. Our existing core vertical markets are Wayfinding and Personnel Directories. Our strength comes from our ability to listen, conceptualise, design, build, deploy and support world-class systems using scalable and repeatable processes. Abuzz is a full service provider, combining business analysis, interface and industrial design, software development, in-house manufacturing, installation, ongoing support and service. This allows us to provide expert advice at all stages of a project and importantly, we are able to take full responsibility for delivering a quality solution that totally satisfies client requirements. Based in Sydney, Abuzz is one of the largest kiosk companies in Australia and we have exported to more than 26 countries, including the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. A History of Innovation Abuzz has produced many innovations in both our software and hardware solutions. Some of these world first innovations include: 1. Height-adjust button for disabled users 2. First to use Adobe Flash in kiosks (formerly Macromedia, Futuresplash) 3. First to use projected capacitive technology in kiosks 4. First to use drag and swipe technology in a touchscreen kiosk environment 5. World’s first HD 46” LCD with projected capacitive screen 6. Calculated path mapping – a sophisticated system allowing the user to find the shortest route between their originand destination in real-time depending on user input 7. “Heads up orientation” where the map on our Wayfinder is always presented relative to the way the user is facing 8. First to create animated path drawn between the user and their destination in wayfinding kiosks 9. Web-based administration: centralised administration of tenants and shop data including statistics and reporting Award-Winning Design Abuzz has won four prestigious Australian Design Awards (from 5 entries) for excellence in both hardware design and software interfaces, cementing its reputation as the innovator and leader in Australia and other international markets. Proudly Australian Abuzz is 100% Australian owned and operated. Our design services and software development are entirely conducted in Australia. Where it is possible for Abuzz to source from local manufacturers, we do. All of our kiosks are manufactured and assembled to the highest standards ensuring we provide the best quality products in the market. ENDS buzz. Multi Award Winning Kiosk Solutions


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