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  • 2 September 2021 18:46

Top Ten SEO Tips & Tricks from Australia’s Leading SEO Agency

For businesses that are new to the digital game, SEO can be a complicated task with multiple moving parts. One of the main reasons for this is the ever-evolving nature of SEO as there are new discoveries and optimisation suggestions happening almost every day.

For businesses that are new to the digital game, SEO can be a complicated task with multiple moving parts. One of the main reasons for this is the ever-evolving nature of SEO as there are new discoveries and optimisation suggestions happening almost every day. The ever-evolving nature of the field has also led to the rise of numerous SEO techniques. Sorting through the list of SEO techniques and choosing the best ones is a task that is daunting for businesses. So, there is a need for business, especially ones that are new to the digital field, to understand some of the basics of SEO to grow their online presence.

If you are one of those businesses, don’t fret as there is still hope. The first important point to note when it comes to SEO is that the fundamentals have remained the same. Therefore if you have a good knowledge about the fundamentals, you will obviously choose the right SEO technique. And educating you about the SEO fundamentals is our goal in this article.

In this article,, one of the best SEO agencies in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, offers simple, bite-sized tips and tricks that can help new businesses optimise their page better and get higher rankings in Google search results.

Speed Up Your Page

Page load speed has become a crucial factor that impacts both your business’ conversion rates and SEO performance. According to Blurn, the Sydney-based SEO Company, states that websites with slow page loading speeds will yield 10% lower conversions than their competitors. From an SEO perspective, Google has added load speed as an important factor for determining where a page ranks. This means that your page’s loading time is as important as the quality of content in your page. So, it is important to remove non-essential features and optimise the essential elements, like high-resolution pictures, to get your page ranked at the highest possible position.

Build Links

While some business owners might argue that link building does not add value to the site as it takes people to other pages, they cannot be more wrong. Link building has been one of the important parts of SEO for several years, and it will be for years to come. By linking out articles to other high-quality sources, you will be helping your site gain much needed exposure and increase your number of visitors. This is especially valuable for businesses that are very new to the digital space and are actively looking to promote their page.

Don’t Write for Google

One of the common mistakes that new business owners make is load their sites with keywords with the hopes of improving their page rank. While it is important to add keywords to your page, it is more important to create quality content that your page visitors can engage in. Once you start writing content for actual people, your page rank will start to improve automatically. This is because Google values quality and rich content when compared to keyword-heavy content. As one of the best SEO agencies in Melbourne, Blurn also states that your people-focused content will also help build trust and enhance user experience.

Use Web Analytics

Monitoring, tracking and reviewing are important activities in SEO and therefore, you need to use all the available analytics solutions to the fullest. Google Analytics and its Search Console provides various options for new business owners and helps them track all the fundamental SEO performance indicators. If you need advanced analytics tools or techniques, you can contact leading SEO agencies like Blurn for more assistance.

Don’t Ignore Meta Descriptions

Most businesses that are new to the SEO field don’t understand the importance of meta descriptions. If you don’t know, the meta description is the snippet under the title that people see when they Google your page. So, it is important to add excellent meta data to improve your website’s rank. Also important is to ensure that each page in your website has unique metadata. Having duplicate meta data can pull down your page’s rank and also greatly impact the number of visitors. If your sales page has the same metadata description as the SEO marketing service page, then the customer will think twice before clicking the link.

Be Mindful of URLs

This is a simple yet effective change that can help make a big change to your site’s rank and user experience. When it comes to URLs, it is important to ensure that both the user and the search engine understand the content of the page. Using content-related names in the page URL will help guide the search engine and associate it with the page’s content. So, you need to stop naming the page as ‘Page 1’ or using numbers like ‘/page/1234.’

Another thing to note is blocking non-relevant and unimportant URLs with robots.txt. This can help search engines identify specific pages in the website and reduce confusion.

Use Social Media

In today’s day and age, social media has become a critical part of SEO strategies. While social media and social content aren’t part of Google’s ranking factors, numerous case studies prove that social media interactions boost user experience and search engine rankings. One of the best ways to use social media to boost your SEO strategy is by adding a simple share button to some of the quality contents in your page. This will encourage your visitors to act as influencers for your website and gradually improve your site’s traffic.

Use Keywords in Images

Some businesses do not understand the importance of using alt-text in their images and lose out on opportunities to further improve their SEO performance. When users use Google’s Image Search, the images from these businesses will not be visible because they haven’t added the right keywords or captions for the images. Sydney SEO Agency, Blurn states that business owners that use keywords in images will enjoy higher traffic than other competitors who don’t.

If you focus on these techniques, Blurn assures that you will be able to drive your organic traffic by a huge margin and efficiently improve your page ranking without risking a penalty. Blurn is an SEO agency that provides excellent SEO services in all parts of Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane.

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