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  • 11 May 2012 12:54

SAS® Enterprise GRC speeds risk management, compliance decision-making

New version improves customization, increases workflow

To fortify trust for compliance and regulatory demands, companies need comprehensive and continuous monitoring of risk and compliance exposures. With the latest version of SAS Enterprise GRC, compliance officers can build confidence faster and with greater ease, providing peace of mind to executives and board members. Enhancements from the leader in business analytics software and services include better workflow capabilities, more personalized menu options and more control over the comprehensive GRC program view.

SAS Enterprise GRC improves data management – still paramount for GRC – with its highly flexible and integrated architecture. Enhanced workflow capabilities help users customize business processes and operational demands for greater efficiency and speed. Incident management can be specifically arranged to add decision nodes, alter validation stages, configure prompts, and establish separate processing for financial effects, recoveries and allocations. An added benefit is the ability to manage approval workflow for risk, controls and impacts.

Customizable menus, including a re-designed home page and saved views, pair a more personalized user experience with faster and easier navigation. With menus that quickly point to URLs, stored processes, dashboards, XML files, task lists and documents, users can streamline projects to desired sequence and layout and then recall any saved operational view.

SAS Enterprise GRC enables users to edit the comprehensive view of an organization's GRC program, including linkages between GRC dimensions and custom fields. Users gain a clearer visual of how risks, controls, key risk indicators, incidents and other core elements relate to and strengthen one another.

"SAS aims to enable customers to make better business decisions and reduce risks to help strengthen overall corporate value. The company's advanced analytics are among the best in the industry, giving customers risk modelling, scenario analysis and other highly complex capabilities unmatched by other GRC competitors," said Chris McClean, Senior Analyst for Security and Risk at Forrester Research.

"SAS empowers users to quickly command business operations through continuous monitoring of risks and controls," said Clark Abrahams, SAS Product Marketing Manager for Enterprise GRC. "Meanwhile, they can respond to events that are planned (e.g. a regulatory change) or unplanned (e.g. actual loss event), by changing policy, enhancing internal controls, and adjusting key risk indicator thresholds."

As another testament to the commitment of SAS addressing customers' needs for better risk management, SAS will be announcing the next version of SAS High-Performance Risk available later this year. The solution provides in-memory analytics on industry-standard server grids to deliver faster risk calculations including market risk, counterparty exposure, liquidity risk management, stress testing and scenario analysis. Part of the SAS High-Performance Analytics family, the latest version of SAS High-Performance Risk will offer enhanced capabilities for stress testing and scenario analysis, along with portfolio risk analysis features. Global banks and capital markets firms can use SAS High-Performance Risk to perform on-demand aggregation, intra-day valuation and real-time limits monitoring that are critically important in today's volatile financial markets.

Today's announcement came at The Premier Business Leadership Series event in Amsterdam, a business conference presented by SAS that brings together more than 700 attendees from the public and private sectors to share ideas on critical business issues.

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