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  • 11 May 2012 12:52

SAS® High-Performance Analytics pulls valuable insight from text, big data

With fast SAS text mining, enterprises can uncover and seize opportunities before it's too late

SAS, the leader in business analytics software and services, will add high-performance text mining to its powerful in-memory analytics software in the third quarter of 2012. SAS High-Performance Analytics, appliance-ready software for Teradata and EMC Greenplum, performs complex analytics on big data.

SAS High-Performance Analytics, which began shipping last year, will be enhanced in August with new text-mining support to provide companies with insight gained from unstructured data in emails, social media, call centre logs, documents and other information.

Unstructured data, accounting for more than 80 per cent of today's data, can be difficult to analyse, often swamping traditional computer architectures. SAS High-Performance Analytics will provide new capabilities to address even the largest text repositories, known as "big data," revealing hidden relationships within unstructured data. This helps organizations uncover potential opportunities – new lines of business, untapped customer segments, quality and client satisfaction issues – and profits.

"Enterprise data assets have grown exponentially in recent years, and these massive amounts of structured and unstructured data require two things to be valuable for decision making," said Surya Mukherjee, Senior Analyst at Ovum. "First, the data volume must be abstracted from users so that they can analyse very large data sets without having to worry about the plumbing. And second, these insights must be delivered quickly to decision makers before a business opportunity is lost or a risky situation develops into a catastrophe.

"High-performance analytics like those offered by SAS have the potential to generate significant value from data, providing answers in near-real time and delivering competitive advantage," he said.

SAS High-Performance Analytics slashes analysis time from days to hours, from minutes to seconds, without sampling or using less-than-ideal analytic techniques, even on billions of rows of data. This technology will proliferate across SAS' broad product line for faster, better answers within enterprises facing tight competition and increased regulation.

"High-performance analytics is the most significant SAS technology advance in at least 10 years," said SAS CEO Jim Goodnight. "We realized that organisations were accumulating massive amounts of data that could provide answers to questions they could never ask before. The analysis took so long to process; answers were irrelevant by the time the computer spit them out. High-performance analytics provides answers when the information is still useful and leaves time to explore multiple possibilities."

"With high-performance analytics applied to their text data, companies can greatly improve decision making," said Radhika Kulkarni, SAS Vice President of Advanced Analytics. "For example, a large financial services firm with millions of customer accounts and thousands of products can merge customer call-centre transcripts with demographic and financial data to improve response rates from marketing campaigns with SAS. Add to that the speed of SAS High-Performance Analytics, and marketers can interactively adjust and fine-tune scenarios to find the best way to reach customers."

The SAS High-Performance Analytics product family includes other solutions, such as SAS High-Performance Risk, SAS Visual Analytics and its patent-pending SAS® LASR™ Analytic Server. With these solutions organizations can explore all data, analyse billions of rows of data in just minutes or seconds, and visually present results. Business professionals can use a graphic interface in SAS Visual Analytics to explore data without IT support.

Today, organizations around the world rely on SAS Analytics to make better decisions, whether fighting fraud, managing risk or improving road safety. With SAS High-Performance Analytics, organizations can now make crucial decisions faster than ever.

Today's announcement came at The Premier Business Leadership Series event in Amsterdam, a business conference presented by SAS that brings together more than 700 attendees from the public and private sectors to share ideas on critical business issues.

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