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  • 16 February 2012 11:20

Gigamon delivers high-accuracy traffic ‘time-stamping’ for banking, trading and enterprises

Gigamon traffic time-stamping solution offers nanosecond accuracy for demanding environments including high frequency traders, brokerages and analysts

MELBOURNE – February 16, 2012. Gigamon®, the world leader in Traffic Visibility Fabric solutions, announced that it now offers two levels of accuracy for its time stamping solutions. The latest addition to the portfolio provides hardware-based time stamping directly at the ingress ports delivering nanosecond accuracy.

Accurate time-stamping of traffic traversing production networks enables architects, engineers and operators of High Frequency Trading (HFT), financial and service provider infrastructures to analyze, evaluate, manage and tune the latency of transactions. Such visibility enables analysts to pinpoint and eliminate causes of communication delay, resulting in faster and more accurate transaction cycles.

“Shaving a few microseconds off a trade can equate to millions of dollars over time to an algorithmic trader, broker or an exchange,” said Dominick Cafarelli, Gigamon Technology Strategist. “As a result, the trading and financial services industry has developed lightning-fast network infrastructures that expedite trading transactions. While many industries are satisfied with microsecond accuracy, Gigamon has raised the bar to deliver nanosecond accuracy for those customers that require it. Therefore, it is imperative that Traffic Visibility Fabrics deliver this capability.”

Two Levels of Accuracy

Since first introduced as a component of the GigaVUE-2404, the GigaSMART Time Stamping module has provided an effective solution allowing enterprise customers to accurately measure application response times, jitter and latency. As traffic is delivered to the GigaVUE 2404, it is time stamped at line-rate creating a permanent time record, precise to the microsecond, which remains permanently attached to the Ethernet packet.

This level of accuracy easily meets the needs of most companies that require a solution to verify packet ordering and timing. However, enhanced network infrastructures require a higher level of accuracy. As the demand for increased granularity and accuracy of network traffic timing grows, nanosecond timing is required. To meet this high-accuracy need, Gigamon developed a purpose-built traffic time-stamp technology, the new H Series GigaPORT-X12-TS line card, which offers stamping with nanosecond level accuracy.

The GigaPORT X12-TS is designed specifically to address high frequency trading and transaction environments as it executes the traffic time ‘stamp’ in hardware enabling highly accurate timing of traffic supporting the fastest and most demanding trading transactions. Supporting the PTPv2 timing standard (IEEE 1588), the GigaPORT-X12-TS blade precisely synchronizes time dramatically improving the timing accuracy and visibility into enhanced latency, jitter and bidirectional transactional performance.

The new time stamping technology enables out-of-band network analysis to occur at a single location, which drives operational efficiency and reduces infrastructure complexity and cost. Combined with GPS synchronization, GigaPORT-X12-TS enables enhanced accuracy across networks that span hundreds or thousands of miles.

About Gigamon

Gigamon® provides intelligent Traffic Visibility Fabric solutions for enterprises, data centers and service providers around the globe. Our technology empowers infrastructure architects, managers and operators with unmatched visibility into the traffic traversing both physical and virtual networks without affecting the performance or stability of the production environment.

Through patented technologies, the Gigamon GigaVUE® portfolio of high availability and high density products intelligently delivers the appropriate network traffic to security, monitoring or management systems. With over seven years’ experience designing and building intelligent traffic visibility products in the US, Gigamon serves the vertical market leaders of the Fortune 1000 and has an install base spanning 40 countries. For more information visit For more information

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