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  • 16 October 2020 16:58

ThreatQuotient Partners with Sixgill to Accelerate Threat Response

ThreatQuotient announces its new partnership with Sixgill, to provide ThreatQ users with access to Sixgill's predictive feed of actionable indicators of compromise (IOCs).

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA— OCTOBER 16, 2020 – ThreatQuotient is excited to announce its new partnership with Sixgill, a leader in threat intelligence enablement and enrichment. Sixgill’s Darkfeed, the company’s predictive feed of actionable indicators of compromise (IOCs), is now available to users of ThreatQuotient’s ThreatQ platform. Through this partnership, Darkfeed will supply actionable intelligence to help organisations accelerate and automate decision-making with unparalleled confidence and efficiency.

ThreatQ users gain access to Sixgill’s unmatched threat intelligence from Darkfeed’s underground sources, enabling them to stay ahead of attacks. It supports incident investigation by providing critical information on emerging threats in addition to providing deep context that allows organisations to pinpoint threat actors and take appropriate action.

“Sixgill Darkfeed delivers unmatched, actionable intelligence directly from the criminal underground,” said Ron Shamir, VP Products & Technology Alliances at Sixgill. “Together with ThreatQuotient, we are supplying organisations with the information they need to preempt attacks, investigate incidents, and connect the dots to the larger picture.”

Darkfeed produces data in several formats, including STIX, meaning it seamlessly integrates with the ThreatQ platform and provides users with the ability to better anticipate attacks and proactively protect their organisations.

“The sheer number of alerts that security teams face make it difficult to separate signals from noise,” said Haig Colter, Director, Alliances, ThreatQuotient. “But Sixgill Darkfeed delivers very accurate and contextual intelligence, making it a force multiplier to increase the speed and efficiency of security teams.”

About ThreatQuotient ThreatQuotient’s mission is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of security operations with a platform that accelerates and simplifies investigations and collaboration within and across teams and tools. Integrating an organisation’s existing processes and technologies into a unified workspace, ThreatQuotient’s solutions reduce noise, highlight top priority threats and automate processes to provide greater focus and decision support while maximising limited resources. ThreatQuotient’s threat-centric approach supports multiple use cases including incident response, threat hunting, spear phishing, alert triage and vulnerability management, and also serves as a threat intelligence platform. ThreatQuotient is headquartered in Northern Virginia with international operations based out of Europe and APAC. For more information, visit

About Sixgill Sixgill's fully automated threat intelligence solutions help organisations fight cyber crime, detect phishing, data leaks, fraud and vulnerabilities as well as amplify incident response in real-time. Sixgill's investigative portal empowers security teams with contextual and actionable alerts along with the ability to conduct real-time, covert investigations. Rich intelligence streams such as DarkfeedTM harness Sixgill's unmatched intelligence collection capabilities and deliver real-time intel into organisations' existing security systems to help proactively block threats. Current customers include enterprises, financial services, MSSPs, governments and law enforcement entities. To learn more, visit Media Contacts Matt Peverell Adhesive

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