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  • 9 September 2020 20:31

Paessler and Flowmon Networks announces an alliance to offer more extensive IT monitoring combined with in-depth analysis

Paessler announces an alliance with global network intelligence company, Flowmon Networks to offer more extensive IT monitoring combined with in-depth analysis, which ensures availability, performance, and security for IT environments.

IT monitoring specialist Paessler and Flowmon Networks today announced the companies have integrated their solutions to bring together comprehensive IT monitoring capabilities with AI-powered analysis and advanced security features. The integration ensures availability, performance, and security for IT environments.

For IT specialists using Flowmon together with PRTG, the new integration offers significant benefits such as extensive IT monitoring, combined with in-depth flow analysis, joined to deliver maximum transparency. It also detects unusual behaviour, insider threats and DDoS attacks, monitor firewalls, virus scanners, and backups. Monitoring Flowmon with PRTG also assures availability based on PRTG’s included failover.

PRTG Network Monitor by Paessler monitors IT infrastructure, network performance and applications as well as cloud services or virtual environments. Using conventional monitoring methods and protocols, as well as a powerful API, it has become one of the most common solutions for extensive IT monitoring.

The Flowmon Networks solution monitors and analyses network and cloud traffic detecting anomalies using a spectrum of methods all deployed simultaneously. It combines machine learning and behaviour analysis seeking indicators of compromise to uncover malicious behaviours or data breaches.

The integration is technically based on two PRTG custom sensors: an SNMP sensor that monitors Flowmon appliances and a Python Script sensor to display monitoring values from Flowmon in PRTG.

The combination of the two solutions gives the user insights into network performance issues and security threats in addition to information on the status of every device in the organisation. The events appear on the dashboard and are grouped by severity to enable instant prioritisation and fast response. When an unusual incident happens, PRTG alerts the user, who can then switch to Flowmon for root-cause analysis. PRTG also monitors every Flowmon appliance deployed so that the user always knows that all relevant components of Flowmon are up and working.

“We are excited to collaborate with Paessler. Several synergies between our solutions promise a great benefit to all who desire their digital environment to be more transparent, reliable, and secure,” says Pavel Minarik, CTO at Flowmon Networks.

“Integrating Flowmon with PRTG creates a new level of insights from both solutions, bringing together a broad overview with in-depth analytics making it even easier for our customers to keep their IT up and running and secure,” explains Steven Feurer, CTO at Paessler. “We found a partner that fits so well with Paessler, from a business view as well as from a technical perspective,” he added.

If you would like to find out more about the integration of PRTG and Flowmon, please do join us for our webinar Integrating Flowmon and PRTG guarantees IT performance and maximises security on Wednesday 16th September at 3 pm CEST (GMT+2).

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