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  • 13 October 2010 10:49

Symantec Helps Data Centre Managers Work Smarter Not Harder with Storage Foundation HA

New management capabilities optimise storage, increase operational efficiencies and reduce downtime

Sydney, AUSTRALIA – 13 October 2010 – Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced new releases of Veritas Operations Manager and its Veritas Storage Foundation High Availability (SFHA) product family to help customers work smarter by taking control of storage management and eliminating manual processes. New functionality in Veritas Operations Manager, the next generation management platform for Storage Foundation HA, bridges the gap between server, database and storage administrators to increase storage utilisation, scale operations, maintain compliance and help ensure uptime and availability across Unix, Linux, Windows and VMware.

Automate and streamline operations

Today’s data centre is more complex than ever. Data growth, coupled with new technologies and business changes, has resulted in many disparate tools, manual processes and a lack of visibility to interdependencies in the data centre. The results are limited operational scalability, wasted resources and increased risk for administrators who are under increasing pressure to ensure 24/7 availability of mission critical applications. Using the latest updates to Storage Foundation HA and Veritas Operations Manager organisations can:

* Get centralised, end-to-end visibility. Veritas Operations Manager provides a comprehensive set of built-in reports to automatically identify under-utilised storage resources, tracking utilisation within database files and mapping that to disks and RAID groups in the storage arrays. It also allows system administrators to manage multiple clusters as well as disaster recovery configurations from a single pane of glass.

* Simplify and automate time-consuming, complex tasks. By creating automated jobs and scheduling of bulk operations, organisations can reduce manual processes including storage provisioning, online storage migrations and thin reclamation. Servers with thin provisioned storage require Storage Foundation’s Thin Reclamation capability to non-disruptively keep thin devices thin. With Veritas Operations Manager, optimising thin storage across hundreds of servers is as easy as referencing a storage array, creating a thin reclamation job and scheduling it to run at set times.

* Automate start/stop of multi-tier applications. Today’s applications increasingly involve multiple services running on multiple server tiers: for example, a backend database on Unix, a middleware layer on Linux and a front-end on Windows in VMware. Storage Foundation HA and Veritas Operations Manager allow users to provide single push button start/stop of these multi-tier applications, ensuring components are always started in the right order without any risk of operator error.

Optimise existing storage investments

Data is growing at a rate of 62 percent1 annually, yet storage utilisation itself often remains at or below 50 percent2. Veritas Operations Manager gives administrators visibility into storage allocation, utilisation and consumption – providing insight into how storage is being used. Using the latest updates to Storage Foundation HA and Veritas Operations Manager organisations can:

* Use storage smarter. With new insight capabilities organisations have increased visibility into storage allocation and utilisation. Combined with tools to automate a tiered storage model, organisations can migrate less important data out of more expensive Tier one storage resources.

* Deploy thin provisioning with confidence. Administrators who are concerned about over allocating or under provisioning when deploying thin provisioning can leverage storage consumption trend reports to intelligently manage new storage.

* Hold users accountable for storage they consume. With integrated discovery, organisations can have new insight into data ownership allowing them to create effective chargeback solutions resulting in increased business unit and end user accountability.

Prevent downtime and instantly detect failures

According to Symantec’s 2009 Disaster Recovery Report , 40 percent of respondents reported that disaster recovery testing will impact their organisation’s customers and nearly one third (27 percent) reported that such testing could impact their organisation’s sales and revenue. Organisations see an increased need to instantly detect and recover failures as they occur, to proactively prevent downtime and to implement non-disruptive testing capabilities. In addition, there is a need for coordinating application configurations through different functional teams. Using the latest updates to Storage Foundation HA and Veritas Operations Manager organisations can:

* Detect failures and recover faster. Storage Foundation HA relies on OS based events to immediately react to resource failures. In addition to speeding up recovery, this removes the need to poll resources, reducing the amount of system resources used to monitor a system by up to 95 percent.

* Prevent downtime. With a built-in risk impact analysis, automated and non-disruptive HA/DR testing of physical and virtual environments, and new management capabilities, customers can have peace of mind that systems are in optimal condition and will failover or recover properly in the case of an event.

This new functionality not only helps organisations automate, optimise and protect, but enables IT professionals to reduce their organisation’s storage costs while ensuring continuous availability of information and providing new visibility into – and control of – information stored. This is true for virtual, physical and cloud storage environments.


* “Information is now the lifeblood of most enterprises, and organisations worldwide are going through a transition from the system centric world to an information centric world which requires new management, insight and optimisation requirements,” said Don Angspatt, vice president of product management, Storage and Availability Management Group, Symantec. “Organisations require new management tools and better understanding into the data contained in storage resources. These updates to Storage Foundation are designed to maximise the agility of our customers’ storage and server infrastructure.”

* “As organisations transform data centres to power their business, they are deploying new technologies to create consolidated and agile storage environments. Unfortunately, they are also faced with multiple management tools that don’t provide the required insight,” said Bob Laliberte, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “Symantec’s Storage Foundation is well positioned to help organisations transform and optimise their storage environments through increased visibility, management and automation, enabling customers to work more efficiently.”


Veritas Operations Manager 3.1 and CommandCentral 5.2 are available now. Veritas Storage Foundation HA 5.1 SP1 is planned to be available in calendar Q4, 2010. Customers who purchase Storage Foundation HA are entitled to Veritas Operations Manager at no additional charge.


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1 Last year, despite the global recession, the Digital Universe set a record. It grew by 62 percent to nearly 800,000 petabytes.

2 Storage utilisation rates often run at under 50 percent.

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