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  • 7 September 2010 12:24

Symantec Simplifies Backup and Recovery through Appliance and Cloud-Based Delivery Models

Symantec NetBackup provides customers with a flexible information management approach

Sydney, AUSTRALIA – 7 September 2010 – Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced NetBackup 5000 deduplication appliance and cloud storage for NetBackup and Backup Exec to help organisations reduce their data storage footprint and more effectively leverage cloud-based data storage services. These new delivery models provide organisations with the flexibility to manage their information in a way that makes the most sense for their environment, through software, appliance or a cloud-based solution. Symantec NetBackup 5000 is the latest release in Symantec’s Information Management Strategy to help organisations protect information completely in physical or virtual environments while deduplicating data everywhere, bringing it closer to information sources to reduce storage.

Symantec NetBackup 5000 is a scalable deduplication solution that offers operational simplicity in an appliance form factor. With the versatility to provide source or target-based deduplication, the appliance increases backup performance, optimises backup bandwidth utilisation and reduces storage costs. By eliminating duplicate data, Symantec NetBackup 5000 offers an organisation up to 50 times more storage savings than using a traditional backup solution, allowing for cost-efficient long-term retention of data on disk and faster and more reliable backup and recovery.

“Most businesses are seeing their data stores grow by about 50 percent annually and the impact of storage costs has pushed IT departments to their limits,” said Brian Dye, vice president of product management, Information Management Group, Symantec. “By extending the benefits of Symantec NetBackup through appliance and cloud delivery models, we are helping our customers reduce complexity and cost without putting an organisation’s infrastructure, information and intellectual property at risk.”

Symantec NetBackup 5000 Appliance Benefits:

* Operational simplicity: A complete deduplication solution from Symantec eliminates the need to buy, test, implement and support separate hardware and software. Organisations can set up deduplication storage with NetBackup 5000 in less than 20 minutes on average, and manage the backup process using NetBackup policies.

* Flexible and scalable architecture: Up to 96 TB usable global dedupe capacity. Protect up to a petabyte of data in one deployment.

* Global deduplication: Leverage deduplication across multiple clients and appliance nodes to eliminate duplicate data and reduce storage costs.

* High performance: Backup throughput of up to 4.3 TB/hour per node.

* NetBackup integration: Integration with NetBackup for scalable, load-balanced disk-backup for the data centre.

* Storage reduction: Up to 10 - 50 times reduction in storage and 99 percent reduction in bandwidth consumption, allowing organisations to reduce overall storage costs.

* Virtual machine protection: In virtual environments, NetBackup 5000 offers flexible backup options including guest or image-level backup for both VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V environments with the option of recovering single files or entire VMDK/VHD images.

NetBackup Cloud Storage

NetBackup Cloud Storage combines Symantec NetBackup with Nirvanix cloud storage services to deliver a reliable and simple way to drive down information management costs and utilise the cloud for disaster recovery. Symantec has extended its OpenStorage API to the cloud, enabling integration between Symantec software and the Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network (SDN) to deliver an automated and policy-based backup and recovery solution. Custom connectors for NetBackup allow administrators to manage cloud storage for backup and recovery as easily as on-premise storage with the lower costs delivered by cloud storage. Businesses can also establish the cloud as a new storage tier or as a secondary off-site location for disaster recovery.

Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network (SDN) is a fully-managed, secure cloud storage service. The SDN intelligently stores, delivers and processes storage requests in the best network location, providing the optimal user experience. The SDN is comprised of standards-based access to integrated services, powered by Nirvanix’s patent-pending proprietary technology and infrastructure.

Symantec is scheduled to release a custom connector for Backup Exec before the end of its fiscal year 2011, allowing mid-sized organisations to benefit from a cloud-based backup and recovery solution.


Symantec NetBackup 5000, the NetBackup connector for Nirvanix and the Backup Exec connector for Nirvanix are scheduled to be available before the end of Symantec's fiscal year 2011.

Supporting Quotes

* “Enterprises around the globe are seeking recovery solutions that can be quickly deployed and consider data deduplication to be a ‘must have’ capability,” said Dave Russell, Research Vice President, Gartner. “Many organisations also favor an appliance-based implementation to enable a more rapid time to value when rolling out new or expanded backup infrastructure.”

* “Symantec information management software combined with Nirvanix enterprise cloud storage provides a complete solution that simplifies data management from application to infrastructure,” said Geoff Tudor, Cofounder and SVP of Strategy and Business Development, Nirvanix. “Businesses of all sizes can now securely integrate cloud storage seamlessly into their existing IT environment, utilising the tools and skill sets they already have, optimising the way they store, recover and discover information.”

* “NetBackup 5000 appliance helped us achieve an 85 – 90 percent data reduction through its deduplication technology,” said Albert Chin, Network Engineer with PerkinElmer, Inc. “It has not only removed the need to perform local tape backups in our remote offices, but it has also improved our overall backup success factor. We have benefitted from standardising on Symantec for our backup and recovery platform that we run globally, and adding the NetBackup 5000 appliance to our environment was another step in achieving our goal of consolidated backups.”


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