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  • 11 August 2010 13:53

MindManager version 9 demonstrates business productivity benefits of Mindjet’s next generation software

Tight integration of visual information mapping with Microsoft Office, Web services and core business systems helps business professionals to work more efficiently.

SYDNEY, August 1l. Mindjet®, the leading provider of software and web- based applications for visually organising and managing information and ideas, today announced the general availability of version 9 of its visual information mapping software, MindManager.

MindManager gives information workers the resources they need to see the big picture and all the relevant details needed for analysis and planning, within a single, easily edited view. MindManager, already used by over 1.5 million business professionals worldwide, is taking a quantum leap forward with this new release of its flagship product.

This latest version greatly enhances the usability of Mindjet’s award-winning application, allowing it to integrate more seamlessly with users other MS Office applications, web services and collaboration platforms.

Business professionals are inundated by an overwhelming amount of content, communication and information that stifles productivity and creativity. With new features including an enhanced integration with the Microsoft ® Office suite, one-click Outlook integration and ability to connect with Microsoft SharePoint®, MindManager provides a single environment that professionals can use to unify and organise diverse information. Mindjet continues to accelerate planning, development and creativity to complete projects more successfully, accomplish more and improve communication.

"For people who have never used mind-mapping software before, MindManager Version 9 promises to be the easiest version of this program to use, ever. For corporate IT departments that can't quite understand why they should deploy a visual mapping tool like MindManager, the SharePoint integration is the coup de grace," said Chuck Frey, author of the Mind Mapping Software Blog.

With the new release, MindManager becomes the one-stop destination for working on any kind of project. Within MindManager, users have access to tight integration with Microsoft Outlook and Office to keep the constant stream of information for a project organised in one easy-to-access location, a visualisation and dashboard tool for any SharePoint environment with MindManager Explorer for SharePoint and collaboration tools, real-time map co-editing and web based document storage with Mindjet Catalyst.

Key Features in MindManager version 9 for Windows:

• Microsoft Outlook® Integration – Features more powerful integration with Microsoft Outlook tasks, emails, notes, calendar items and contacts to easily bring relevant information from Outlook directly into your MindManager maps for greater access and visibility into your projects and work. Synchronised branches of Outlook tasks can be added to maps and visualised in MindManager’s integrated Gantt chart. • Microsoft PowerPoint® Integration – Users can now easily use MindManager to research and map out presentations and then export their ideas from MindManager directly into PowerPoint slides to accomplish more, faster. • Interactive Slide Shows – Unlike ‘broadcast’ presentations, MindManager introduces a new way to present and collaborate on concepts, strategies and plans. Users can launch interactive slide shows directly within MindManager to review selected portions of their map, solicit feedback and update their map content directly in each slide. • Gantt Chart and Resource Views – Individuals can view task and project plan timelines in MindManager’s integrated and synchronised Gantt chart. Updates can be made to maps by adjusting the Gantt chart or by making changes directly into a map. The resource views highlight when individuals are over or under-utilised in both your map and the Gantt chart. • MindManager Explorer for SharePoint (sold separately)– Visualises SharePoint content in MindManager’s easy-to-use dynamic maps. With bi-directional SharePoint integration, users can more easily discover, aggregate and update their SharePoint content from one or more SharePoint sites.

“Mindjet’s users have always understood the benefits of visually organising information, data, content and documents and how this drives innovation and increases productivity,” said Scott Raskin, CEO of Mindjet. “The latest release of MindManager Version 9 reinforces the idea that organising information in a visual manner will dramatically improve an organisation’s productivity, creativity and business output.

“MindManager is now evolving from a product that makes project management easier and more organised, to the must-have tool that businesses and individuals use to capture, organise and present all of the information needed do get the job done right.”

MindManager Version 9 for Windows is available in three languages: English, German and French, and can be purchased through for $US349 for new users or for a limited time, $US149 for an upgrade.

About Mindjet

Mindjet provides productivity software that helps business professionals visually organise and act upon ideas, information and resources to drive productivity, team effectiveness and business innovation. Mindjet products include industry-leading software and online services centred on information mapping, as well as applications that incorporate Mindjet’s innovative visualisation technology to improve the usability of leading business applications, including Microsoft SharePoint and More than 1.5 million people around the world use Mindjet software to clarify thinking, efficiently analyse information, increase team productivity, and make better-informed decisions.

Used by business professionals in 44 of BusinessWeek’s 50 ‘World’s Most Innovative Companies,’ Mindjet solutions dramatically boost productivity and team effectiveness. Surveys across several industries show that Mindjet can increase productivity by up to 25 per cent by making meetings, common communications and project management tasks more efficient and effective. Mindjet products are available for free trial or purchase at, through AppExchange, and through an extensive partner network at Mindjet is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia.

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