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  • 26 May 2010 14:28

Tandberg Data unveils LTO-5 tape libraries and autoloaders

Powerful automated backup and archiving with higher capacities from 24TB* in compact 1U footprint

SYDNEY, May 26, 2010. Tandberg Data, the global supplier of data protection solutions, today unveiled its family of tape autoloaders and scalable libraries based on LTO-5 technology, the latest generation of the LTO Ultrium tape format.

Designed for small to medium enterprise environments, Tandberg Data’s StorageLoader™ and StorageLibrary™ Series with LTO-5 allow customers to shorten backup windows, simplify storage management and reduce costs of backup and archiving.

“LTO technology is the most economical way to protect the cascade of digital data generated daily by most businesses,” said Marije Stijnen, vice president of marketing at Tandberg Data. “When s toring data on a Tandberg Data LTO-5 automation solution, customers will reap significant cost benefits over disk technology due to the higher capacity, smaller footprint and lower power and cooling requirements.” With flexible capacity, performance and configurations, the Tandberg Data LTO-5 family of automation solutions makes it easy for customers to migrate from LTO-3 or LTO-4 technologies. That’s because the Tandberg Data LTO-5 tape drive offers backward write compatibility for one generation and backward read compatibility for two generations, providing investment protection and peace of mind for customers. LTO-5 tape drives from Tandberg Data can store nearly twice as much data as LTO-4 tape drives, making them ideal for automation customers.

In addition to traditional backup and archive applications, the Tandberg Data LTO automation and tape solutions enable customers in the entertainment and broadcasting arena to significantly reduce the cost of video content management. One of the world’s leading visual effects companies, The Mill, recognised significant cost savings by installing Tandberg Data LTO drives and noted that one of the compelling benefits of the total system was cost.

The Tandberg Data automation family The Tandberg Data LTO-5 automation family provides the best value in tape automation solutions. The Tandberg Data StorageLoader LTO-5 is an entry-level autoloader offering 8 slots and up to 24TB* of compressed storage. The Tandberg Data StorageLibrary T24 is a compact tape library offering 24 slots and up to 72TB* of compressed storage. The Tandberg Data StorageLibrary T40+ is a scalable tape library offering 24 or 40 slots and up to 120TB* of compressed storage. The StorageLibrary T40+ Pass-Thru feature allows customers to add additional drives and storage capacities when required, enabling up to four StorageLibraryT40+ units to be stacked together, increasing the number of slots from 40 to 77, 114 or 151 slots. The Pass-Thru feature provides customers with an easy-to-use capacity-on-demand, allowing storage capacity to be increased up to 453TB* and performance to be increased up to 16TB/hr*

Tandberg Data LTO-5 tape media provides users with the security of WORM (write once, read many) and hardware-based 256-bit encryption. The LTO technology is also compatible with FIPS level-2 certification.

Ease of management Compatible with all major operating systems and backup software, the Tandberg Data LTO-5 StorageLibrary T40+ Series has a host of management and maintenance features, ensuring minimised downtime and ease of management. Redundant power supplies with load balancing and fail-over enhance the reliability of the solutions. Using the browser-based remote management interface, administrators can remotely monitor, control, configure and diagnose the libraries via the Internet from anywhere in the world. The StorageLibrary can automatically send an email notification if something is wrong with the library, and it supports SNMP – which will immediately send information on any error situation that occurs, to the host. Pricing and Availability Tandberg Data LTO-5 autoloaders and libraries will be available in June 2010 through Tandberg Data’s established worldwide channel of distributor and reseller partners. The manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) of the LTO-5 StorageLoader starts at $US5,200. The MSRP for Tandberg Data LTO-5 media is $US120. The Tandberg Data automation family will ship with a three-year warranty, including a first-year advance replacement, with additional service uplifts available.

* 2 to 1 compression ratio

About Tandberg Data Tandberg Data is a leading global supplier of data protection solutions for the SMB. Tandberg Data offers a wide selection of business-grade storage solutions, ranging from disk-based appliances, such as the RDX® QuikStor™, the DPS1000™Series™ VTL and DPS2000™ Series, to automated tape solutions like the Tandberg Data StorageLoader™ and StorageLibrary™ Series. Tandberg Data also offers tape drives, based on the LTO™, DAT, SLR™, and VXA® tape technology platforms, and media. Tandberg Data solutions are supported by AccuGuard™, a robust, easy-to-use deduplication software. All solutions are supported through a worldwide service and support network, recognised globally for its outstanding levels of service. In addition to the standard warranty and support offerings, on-site service upgrades provide Tandberg Data customers with further peace of mind.

Tandberg Data products are supported by all major operating systems and software applications to successfully integrate and operate in heterogeneous storage environments. All solutions are designed to meet the growing storage requirements of small and medium-sized organizations with scalability, reliability, and backward compatibility features that ensure cost-effective operation and long-term investment protection.

Tandberg Data markets its solutions exclusively through a global channel of qualified resellers and distributors. This channel model is supported by OEM agreements with major server manufacturers including Apple, Fujitsu, Fujitsu Technology Solutions, HP, Hitachi, IBM, and NEC. Tandberg Data’s distributors in Australia are: ACA Pacific, Datastor and Multimedia Technology. In New Zealand the distributor is Ingram Micro New Zealand.

Tandberg Data Asia Tandberg Data Asia is headquartered in Singapore, with centralised Sales, Marketing, Finance, Administration, Logistics, Technical and a state-of-the-art Service and Repair Centre to cater for consumer needs worldwide.

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