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  • 5 March 2010 14:39

F-Secure Launches Protection for Macs

As Macs’ share of the consumer market grows, F-Secure answers the call for Mac Protection, designed to provide security without slowing down performance.

Macs are safer in today's threat landscape and their owners come across far less malicious software than the average PC owner. However — safe is not the same as secure.

Indi Siriniwasa, regional director at F-Secure ANZ says, “Houses located in a safer neighborhood are not technically more secure from burglary. Most of today's Macs just happen to exist in a safer online environment and aren't being targeted by cyber-criminals. Criminal's return on investment is simply better in the PC world.”

A growing number of F-Secure's customers live in households with using both PCs and Macs and they are increasingly asking us to secure their irreplaceable content and not just their computers. As the share of Macs increase, so too does the security threat against Mac users. There are already several trojans and backdoors ready to infect unprotected Macs.

Siriniwasa continues, “Macs are safer than PCs but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're more secure. Many of today's threats are browser based and Mac users are increasing vulnerable to social engineering exploits. We are concerned with protecting all of our customers, their data, their content and their reputation. This release of F-Secure Mac Protection is our first step into securing the Mac community, and that happens to include a growing number of F-Secure employees.”

The team members developing F-Secure Mac Protection have years of experience with UNIX based operating systems. The product already provides excellent real-time protection against all Mac based threats and works smoothly without slowing down your Mac. It is the natural first step in their development of a comprehensive Mac security solution. Protecting Mac users is the team's goal.

F-Secure Mac Protection detects and automatically removes malicious Mac software. Automatic updates ensure constant protection against the fast-changing threat landscape. Other features include a firewall integration which automatically enables the OS X system firewall if disabled, and a “panic button” that instantly blocks all online traffic except update servers in the case of an emergency.

F-Secure Mac Protection is available for consumers from selected operators and also through the F-Secure Mac Beta Program. Registration for the Beta program is available at:

Participants in the Beta program receive a free six-month subscription during which the product automatically gets database and version updates. Participants also have the opportunity to influence the final product, with rewards for the best suggestions and active feedback.

F-Secure Mac Protection is localized into 27 languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Japanese, Dutch, Polish and Russian. F-Secure – Protecting the irreplaceable

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