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Five Reasons Why the Channel Is Turning To AI-Powered Observability

Five Reasons Why the Channel Is Turning To AI-Powered Observability

By Bharat Bedi, SolarWinds, Head of Sales, APJ

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The modern IT environment has grown to become a complex web of various applications, cloud environments, databases, and devices. All these tools aim to support an increasingly distributed workforce, which requires access to resources at all times from anywhere in the world. While these tools are making this possible, it has created new challenges companies must overcome. However, this has simultaneously created new opportunities for the channel to provide solutions directly addressing these challenges.

IT teams' pain points in managing this complexity significantly impact the bottom line. A SolarWinds survey found that 75% of tech professionals said the return on investment (ROI) was impacted during an IT project they oversaw due to increased IT complexity.

This means companies require a solution providing insights to comprehend these complex environments better and address any arising issues.

This solution lies in AI-powered observability, enabling technology distributors, value-added resellers, global system integrators, managed service providers, and cloud service providers to address the challenges of IT teams. Observability analyzes massive amounts of information across an IT environment and pinpoints the causes of outages or performance issues. Observability solutions can also generate actionable insights to resolve these problems quickly. This is critical to understanding complex IT environments.

As the channel considers the best offerings to help companies address increasingly complex IT environments, here are five reasons to include AI-powered observability solutions.

1. Proactive Incident Management and Reduced Downtime

Observability is key for detecting issues and working to mitigate them. With AI, observability solutions are particularly effective in detecting anomalies early and working to fix them. The solutions can continuously monitor and analyze data patterns, detecting any problems before they become critical issues that can cause downtime. Not only this but as AI continues to observe environments and applications, it learns more and becomes better at discovering issues before they arise. This creates an incredibly powerful product the channel can provide customers. As AI becomes better at identifying and remediating issues in real-time, IT teams can reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) and minimize disruptions for their customers. The result is a solution that not only creates better results but saves time.

2. Enhance Service and Satisfaction

AI-powered observability solutions provide IT teams with unparalleled insights and actionable intelligence into their complex IT environments. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, these solutions will monitor and analyze vast amounts of real-time and historical data from various sources, including servers, applications, networks, and databases. This provides customers with a better solution helping ensure greater satisfaction and service. The channel would then present a much stronger product to prospective customers that address the unique challenges of the modern IT environment. 

3. Streamlined Operations and Cost Efficiency

The deployment of AI-powered observability solutions often follows a more cost-effective Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. This eliminates the need for on-premises infrastructure, simplifying deployment and allowing the channel to provide customers with a powerful and affordable observability solution. The SaaS approach offers flexibility, scalability, and significant cost savings, allowing IT teams to utilize their resources more effectively. At a time when teams need to do more with less, a more straightforward solution is particularly impactful for IT teams. 

4. Market Expansion and Differentiation

Unified AI-powered observability solutions allow the channel to better differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive market. By leveraging an effective observability solution designed to address customers' specific needs, the channel can provide a solution that uniquely tackles modern IT problems. This not only strengthens their existing customer relationships but also helps them attract new customers who are seeking specialized solutions. IT-powered observability offers scalability, allowing the channel to expand its market reach. It presents a unique opportunity to reach new customers as they work to optimize and manage their complex IT environment. 

5. Resource Optimization and Business Growth

For most companies, the proper use and management of resources is key. As IT teams are expected to do more with less, optimizing the resources at their disposal is key. AI-powered observability allows IT teams to automate routine tasks and remediate issues before they arise, saving time so they can work on other issues or projects. The ability to analyze data trends, identify patterns, and develop predictive models empowers the channel to offer issue resolutions and an added incentive to save time and resources. 

AI-powered observability is key to helping technology distributors, value-added resellers, global system integrators, managed service providers, and cloud service providers address their customers' unique challenges. Amid a growingly complex and intricate IT landscape, companies, and teams need a solution built to face the challenges this system creates. By offering AI-enabled observability, the channel can strengthen its offerings and help customers tackle the unique modern problems they face.

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