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Deep Engagement and Great Vendor Partnerships will be key to the Channel in SE Asia in 2022

Deep Engagement and Great Vendor Partnerships will be key to the Channel in SE Asia in 2022

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2022 will be a year of unprecedented opportunity for the channel, as businesses across Asia-Pacific look to scale their operations and investment in IT while, at the same time, managing a severe shortage of IT skills.

As noted in research by Grand View Research, the global systems integration market can be expected to reach US$582.5 billion by 2025. In Asia-Pacific specifically, this growth is being driven by the significant increase in SMEs and the need for rapid transformation. These smaller enterprises have the same technology needs as larger enterprises, but often lack the internal IT resources to properly architect, deploy, and manage systems.

This challenge is being compounded by a severe skills shortage across Asia-Pacific, with Skillsoft research suggesting that as many as three in four APAC employers facing an IT skills gap. In such a market it can be difficult for SMEs to out-bid the large enterprises for the limited IT resources available.

One company that is delivering genuine value-adding services as a channel partner is TAK SYSTEM INTEGRATION. The company is a key channel partner for Juniper Networks within Singapore, and specialises in the mid-market, which typically struggle to compete with finding internal IT resources. The company’s success is a result of a simple, three-step approach of listening to its customers need, designing solutions that address the issues, and then implementing the solution.

An example of TAK SYSTEM INTEGRATION’s approach working with their customers is Kwong Wai Shiu hospital - one of the most established NGO healthcare institutes in Singapore. As the hospital expanded with the addition of new hospital wings and facilities, it needed to upgrade its IT infrastructure to support this growth. Being a charitable organisation, the hospital also needs to ensure that its investments can support long-term growth and be placed in the right areas that will provide the best service for patients.

The hospital engaged TAK SYSTEM INTEGRATION to assist it with supporting their new hospital wing. As a value-adding systems integrator, TAK SYSTEM INTEGRATION was able to assist by developing a comprehensive and future-proof solution that sat within the hospital’s budget, while offering the benefits of one-stop-shop services. This has led to the expansion of the project’s infrastructure through the existing campus and the implementation of the new nursing home.

KAH Motor is another customer that TAK SYSTEM INTEGRATION has supported in upgrading its network infrastructure across its showrooms, office, warehouse and workshops. Based on the requirements of KAH Motor, TAK SYSTEM INTEGRATION was able to develop a solution that supported KAH Motors’ current needs and also future expansions. Subsequently, TAK SYSTEM INTEGRATION has been able to participate in two further tech refresh cycles for KAH Motor.

“Customers subscribe to our post implementation services rather than engaging with various vendors.” TAK SYSTEM INTEGRATION Sales Director, Steven Tan, said.

“For customers with a basic setup, our challenge is to convince them of the ROI and the value of future-proofing IT environment.”

“At the same time, it’s important to understand that these organisations need to keep within the budget. Our ability to develop a creative solution that allows for scalability without being a massive imposition is particularly valued by our customers.”

Partnering with Juniper

The ability for the systems integrator to have the holistic and strategic conversation with the mid-market is critical to their success in the space. The partner also needs to be backed by the right vendors, and those vendors need to have a broad suite of solutions that can meet a wide range of customer challenges. It is for this reason that TAK SYSTEM INTEGRATION partnered with Juniper Networks.

In recent years, Juniper Networks has made several substantial acquisitions, including Apstra, 128 Technology, Netrounds, and Mist Systems. These technologies have allowed Juniper to evolve as a company and meet a broad range of customer demands. Juniper has also actively invested in providing technical, sales and marketing support to help TAK SYSTEM INTEGRATION to better engage with new and existing customers.

TAK SYSTEM INTEGRATION adds value to its customers by understanding their IT challenges and constraints to deliver a targeted solution which addresses their business needs. A skilled systems integrator, like TAK SYSTEM INTEGRATION, adds value across the chain by taking its customer challenges, and being able to structure Juniper solutions that address those challenges in a targeted manner. These are the kinds of systems integrators that are best placed to succeed in the burgeoning market across Asia-Pacific.

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