NCS and Dell Technologies

NCS, Dell Technologies Titanium Partner, has been a key IT Systems Integrator in Singapore, working closely with the commercial and public sectors in their digital transformation journey.

Delivering strategic leadership through successful digital transformation

Delivering strategic leadership through successful digital transformation

Digital transformation returns meaningful value back to the organisation - particularly those that are bold about their strategic vision. A recent E&Y study found that leaders in transformation are 45 per cent more likely than laggards to unlock annual revenue growth of more than 10 per cent, and are 26 per cent more likely than laggards to enjoy an annual gross profit increase by more than 10 per cent.

This is why, throughout the Asia-Pacific region, spending on transformation technologies and solutions will continue to be robust, even as IDC predicts that overall IT spending growth will be modest this year due to disrupted market conditions.

NCS is one of the pioneers in transformation through Asia-Pacific, as Keith Leong, Managing Director, Global Delivery, NCS said during a ‘Future-Ready Partner’ panel, hosted by Channel Asia.

What NCS has learned through helping its clients on their digital transformation journeys is that partnering with other like-minded, innovative technology players is critical to success. A future-ready company is one that is able to anticipate and adjust to a technology space that is accelerating in its rate of change. 

“When you look at technologies, the incubation cycle has become much shorter,” Vincent Lee, General Manager, Channel, Singapore, Dell Technologies, said on the panel. “Cloud technologies took ten years to reach maturity, but today, one year makes a big difference.”

To address this challenge, Dell Technologies has been working closely with its customers and partners to develop the deep and highly strategic partnerships that will help local businesses in taking that thought leadership position in the market. “Recently we’ve changed the way we approach our customers, with deeper CIO workshops, roundtables, strategic framework sessions, to build longevity between us and our customers,” he said.

Transformation projects remain complex and prone to failure. However, for enterprises right across Asia-Pacific, transformation is also the path forward and a genuine opportunity for competitive differentiation. The secret to success is finding the right technologies and partners to help establish the strategic vision for transformation, and then execute on that vision in an effective and proven manner.

For more insights on partnering to success with transformation initiatives, watch the ‘Future-Ready Partner’ panel, hosted by Channel Asia.

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