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Executive Viewpoint: Building Successful Businesses Through Remote Work

Executive Viewpoint: Building Successful Businesses Through Remote Work

Remote working has become a critical component in business continuity strategies worldwide. AMTI and Dell Technologies are helping businesses in the Philippines meet the challenge.

Executive Viewpoint with Allyxon Cua, President/CEO, AMTI

Dynamic, tenacious, results-oriented businessman with a strong track record in building businesses from ground zero to billion Peso companies. Possesses good people management skills, is keen to details, and known in utilizing innovative, trail-blazing technologies and Western/Asian management style in driving companies to excellence.

Gartner predicts that 41 per cent of employees working remotely through the pandemic will continue to do so, thanks to the productivity and efficiency gains. AMTI highlights the role that the channel has in enabling business to accelerate the remote work culture successfully. 

What are the different trends you are seeing concerning remote work trends in enterprises and SMBs in the recent months?

Remote work has triggered a strong demand for mobile computing devices. We’ve seen strong demand for both laptops and tablets through the pandemic. On the infrastructure side, companies are also beefing up their security posture, updating their security software subscriptions.

Instead of face-to-face meetings, companies now resort to online collaboration tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangout, and Cisco’s WebEx.

To provide business continuity, enterprises and SMBs have also relied on the cloud for resiliency and agility.
What are the different challenges faced by partners and customers regarding remote workforce solutions in the Philippines?

Employees and customers expect business leaders to make quick decisions and attend to their needs while going through operational and economic challenges. Most businesses are ill-equipped with remote tools and applications, have vague rules and productivity measurements, and have insufficient technical support and security measures, which result in complexity in continuing their services and adapting to remote working.

For organisations that have done a better job in terms of remote workforce preparedness, the biggest challenge is broadband connectivity. Without a solid broadband connection, the efficacy of a remote workforce solution is greatly diminished.

Coming to the industry vertical, not all sectors have been able to respond to the change equally. Which verticals according to you are adopting it faster?

The industries that are trailblazing in remote working include:

  • E-Commerce Companies
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Telecommunications Companies
  • Media and Advertising
  • Banking

Most of these companies are already equipped with adequate technologies, and had modern infrastructures before the pandemic struck, which enabled immediate action and adaptation to remote work.

As a leading solutions provider, how is AMTI geared to address the growing adoption of Work from Home (WFH) challenges? 

Because of our early venture on digital transformation (DX), we were able to fine-tune our systems and operations. As a result, we quickly transitioned to WFH arrangements and managed our business as usual while remaining fully compliant with the government’s Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) and safety guidelines. Such an experience, combined with our ecosystem of partners and technologies, made us a reliable choice for our customers as they accelerate their WFH business strategies.

As a DX enabler, AMTI is prepared and equipped to help and support businesses that are ready to adopt WFH arrangements. We do this through our echoed learnings/experiences along with our proven products, solutions, and services.  

To make WFH acquisition and on-boarding easy, we have created innovative bundled solution offerings, complete with various financing and consulting service options for companies who wish to accelerate their DX plans.

Employee experience and productivity is becoming extremely important while enabling remote work solutions. It is not about just devices but the entire ecosystem like displays and right peripherals too. What is your take on it?

Employee experience and productivity are critical components in achieving effective remote working. We provide companies with various hardware options to choose the right computing models and configurations that suit every user profile. We also provide them with various peripheral options such as large and immersive displays, printers and multi-function adapters to maximize end-user productivity.

It is also important to establish a culture of trust for both leaders and employees to flourish and achieve productive remote teams and functional business. Aside from the hardware, we provide customers with a platform that makes the onboarding process and user experience seamless and secure.

As a leading player in IT services and solutions, can you share your experience of working with Dell Technologies? How is Dell Technologies helping you address the new customer challenges regarding remote working?

Dell Technologies has been a key strategic partner of AMTI for over 20 years. The tech giant has provided us with innovative products, technology solutions, and knowledge, and continues to do so even in this challenging time. If it wasn’t for Dell Technologies challenging us to embrace DX early, we may not have flourished in today’s crisis. Through the companies' DX roadmap, training, seminars, marketing, and its remote working solutions, as well as AMTI’s experience and proven expertise, we are confident that we can provide and offer technology solutions to address the needs of today’s demanding digital workplace to help businesses emerge from this period and beyond.

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