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What do you do when cybersecurity has become too complex to do on your own?

Today’s threat landscape is too difficult, too complex, and changes too quickly for the vast majority of organisations to effectively manage cybersecurity on their own. Therefore, it probably comes as no surprise that Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is one of the hottest, fastest-growing areas within cybersecurity.

Seven truths about MDR every partner needs to know

As cyber defenses have become more sophisticated, organisations of all kinds need a more advanced level of skill to deliver cybersecurity. For most, however, cybersecurity has become too complex to manage effectively on their own because they simply don’t have the necessary round-the-clock expertise. This creates a great opportunity for the channel to bridge this gap by offering cybersecurity as a service.

How you can help keep your customers safe from cybercrime

Customers are becoming increasingly aware of the risks of their sensitive data being stolen, exposed, sold and exploited on the dark web. This new awareness is focusing a spotlight on businesses’ cybersecurity practices as customers want to know what businesses are doing to protect them.

Filling the cybersecurity skills gap for customers

Digital transformation for driving business growth is a key focus for many organisations. While the pandemic-driven rapid adoption of emerging technologies and increased connectivity could be seen as a positive move for many businesses and their customers, this increase in connectivity widens the door on cybersecurity risks.