Stories by John Edwards

7 common IT training mistakes to avoid

With technologies rapidly advancing and evolving, organisations are recognising the need to upskill IT staff. But poor training practices can lead to subpar team skills and competitive disadvantage.

8 hot networking technologies for 2023

Despite the challenges posed by economic turmoil, epidemics, and political upheaval, network researchers are continuing to blaze new trails in innovation, performance, management, and security.

7 lies CIOs should never tell

In leadership, lying is never a good thing, especially if you get caught. Here’s a rundown of whoppers CIOs often tell — and even believe — that could lead to a career disaster.

8 traits of highly efficient CIOs

Efficiency leads to improved productivity, flexibility, and quality of work. Making the best use of your time as an IT leader also builds a direct pathway to career success.