Stories by Matt Asay

What AWS customers really care about

AWS may disappoint die-hard proponents of open source, multi-cloud, and serverless. But it’s open enough, multi-cloud enough, and serverless enough for customers.

Postgres is eating relational

It’s hard to compete with easy. PostgreSQL has a lot of great qualities, but being easy to use seals the deal for companies and consultants.

Why cloud has a people problem

Cloud skills are complicated and in high demand. Smart enterprises need a practical approach to the staffing shortage, and smart employees need multi-cloud skills.

Why Mozilla is looking for a scapegoat

Mozilla recently released a 60-page report​ calling on regulators to take action to give consumers a “meaningful opportunity to try alternative browsers.”

Which cloud is for you?

Despite all their commonalities, the big three cloud providers have some important personality differences that should factor into your choices.

When openness doesn’t matter

We can argue about the choices tech companies should or shouldn’t make, but at the end of the day, we keep buying what they’re selling.

When is enough data enough?

Maybe we don’t need more data, we just need people who understand the data we already have and its value in a business context.