Microsoft’s new Defender Preview is a safety blanket for Windows and Android

This is one of the first times Microsoft has overtly considered both Android phones and Windows PCs as part of an holistic ecosystem of your devices.

Microsoft's cross-platform preview version of Windows Defender, known as Microsoft Defender Preview, is now live: an attractive way to protect your Android phone as well as your PC.

If you merely own a Windows 11 PC, there's nothing that demands you download Microsoft's new preview app. It's quite different, however, if you own an Android phone in addition to your PC. 

We'd recommend that you try out this attractive, free utility that promises to watch over the files you download on your phone as well as the links you access. (Defender Preview will supposedly protect Macs, as well, though we haven't tested or confirmed this.)

There is a small catch, however: You'll need a Microsoft account to use the Microsoft Defender Preview, and it will only protect a total of four devices.