Apple may be making standalone 4K monitors to match the iMac

We'll take two please.

If there's one gaping hole in Apple's line-up, it's a standalone display that doesn't cost $4,999 (without a stand). But according to a new rumour, that might change in 2022.

We've heard previous rumours that Apple is working on a display to go with its M1 Macs, but a new report sheds a little more light on what Apple has in mind. 

According to Twitter user Dylan, who has previously leaked accurate information about the 24-inch iMac and iPhone 13, LG is manufacturing two displays encased in unbranded enclosures for usage as external monitors that are in early development that have the same specifications as the upcoming 27-inch and current 24-inch iMac displays.

LG makes many of Apple's current displays, including the ProDisplay XDR, so based on the specs and the secrecy, it's likely that these are bound for use in an Apple product. Here's what Apple currently offers for iMac displays:

Credit: Apple

24-inch iMac