A year into the Apple silicon transition these Intel Macs are all that’s left

Another one bites the dust.

When Apple released the first Macs powered by Apple silicon chips in November 2020, it officially kicked off a two-year transition away from Intel processors. Just about 12 months later, you have to look pretty hard to find an Intel model.

With five models and several configuration splits, switching the entire Mac line in just 24 months seemed overly ambitious, especially after Apple seemed to be taking its time. Before last week, Intel models outnumbered M1 Macs by about 2-to-1, and the math didn't seem to be adding up. But that has quickly changed.

With the launch of the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apple no longer sells any laptops with Intel processors. And on Saturday, it unceremoniously retired the 21-inch Intel iMac, leaving just a handful of models left that don't run Apple silicon: