Channel Asia Women in ICT Awards 2020: and the winners are…

More than 160 individuals tune in for the inaugural virtual awards ceremony, honouring female leaders from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar #WIICTA

Channel Asia is proud to announce the winners of the inaugural Women in ICT Awards (WIICTA) in 2020, recognising and celebrating female excellence within the ASEAN channel.

More than 160 individuals tuned in live to celebrate the achievements of a talented group of female front runners who have become influential technology figures across Southeast Asia, reflective of IDG’s increasing commitment to the region.

Zoë Routh delivered the opening keynote - a leadership expert specialising in the "people stuff" - showing leaders and teams struggling with office (or remote working) politics and silos how to work better together.

English-born, Canadian-raised and Australian-adopted, Zoë spent the last 30 years outlining how to navigate the wilderness of "people stuff", working with individuals and groups internationally from the wild rivers of northern Ontario to the remote regions of Australia.

Aligned to 5 Archetypes for Smart and Savvy Leadership, Zoë advised leaders how to select and leverage crucial archetypes for maximum influence, in any context; avoid the shadow archetypes and their destructive patterns and bring your archetypes to life for increased confidence and conviction as a leader.

Specific to the awards, WIICTA honoured the industry across six categories, spanning: Rising Star; Shining Star; Innovation; Technical; Community and Achievement.

After receiving more than 150 nominations, 91 individuals made the final shortlist, spanning Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar, representing more than 40 unique organisations at partner, vendor and distributor levels.

The winners were selected by an executive panel of more than 50 industry judges, acknowledging creativity, innovation and excellence.

WIICTA was launched to operate as a dedicated platform to champion and showcase female excellence across Southeast Asia, from outstanding leaders to emerging talent, including technical experts, innovative thinkers and those holding an unrivalled commitment to the industry.

As outlined during the virtual ceremony, WIICTA represents more than an awards program, evolving into mentorship, alumnae gatherings and executive networking sessions - designed to continually shine a spotlight on diversity and inclusion irrespective of company or location across Southeast Asia.

Leading this charge in ASEAN will be Cherry Yumul - Commercial Director of Channel across Asia Pacific at IDG - building on similar momentum in Australia and New Zealand.

Channel Asia congratulates all finalists, highly commended and winners, and thanks all organisations and individuals for taking the time to submit nominations.

Shining Star

The Shining Star award recognises candidates with eight years or more experience within the industry. This candidate recorded notable achievements during a successful career, evident through promotion or successful project / company initiatives.

Presented by Vicki Batka - Vice President of Partner Organisation, APJC, Cisco



  • Putri Ayu - Abyor (Indonesia)
  • Zoe Shang - AvePoint (Singapore)
  • Cherlyn Koay - VMware (Singapore)
  • Mary Kristine Morales - Check Point (Philippines)
  • Donnabelle Macalino - Delaware (Philippines)
  • Feng Mei Yee - Malifax (Singapore)
  • Joanna Velez Rodriguez - Microsoft (Philippines)
  • XiongLing Cheong - NTT Data (Malaysia)
  • Yuna Yeh - Sourced Group (Singapore)
  • Tran Thi Phuong Hong - TechX (Vietnam)
  • Jaclyn Leong - VMware (Malaysia)

Highly Commended: Mary Kristine Morales - Check Point (Philippines)

Winner: Tran Thi Phuong Hong - TechX (Vietnam)

Ms Hong wins this award in recognition of building an AWS managed services business from the ground up in Vietnam, scaling from 0-50 employees within the space of four months, 39 of which now carry deep cloud specialisation expertise. Drawing on almost 20 years of engineering and management experience, Ms Hong has deep expertise within the Vietnamese enterprise market, recognised for delivering exceptional leadership both at corporate and entrepreneur levels.



  • Ichita M. Puspa - Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (Indonesia)
  • Aileen Tang - Commvault (Singapore)
  • Pamela Lim - Dell Technologies (Singapore)
  • Kaylee Fung - Google Cloud (Singapore)
  • Seet Yan Lin - Hewlett Packard Enterprise (Singapore)
  • Garima Singh - Informatica (Singapore)
  • Joan Loo - Insight (Singapore)
  • Louise Co - NTT (Singapore)
  • Rachel Barger - SAP (Singapore)
  • Mohita Hattangady - Schneider Electric (Singapore)
  • Neema Okal - Google Cloud (Singapore)
  • Prachi Shah - Software AG (Singapore)
  • Aka Ri - VMware (Myanmar)

Highly Commended: Louise Co - NTT (Singapore)

Winner: Rachel Barger - SAP (Singapore)

Rachel wins this award in recognition of her work combining customer, partner and ecosystem development with female mentorship and coaching at SAP. In addition to driving digital transformation adoption across Southeast Asia, Rachel continues to mentor female rising stars across the industry, whether youths, colleagues or women with technical or non-technical backgrounds.

Rising Star

The Rising Star award recognises candidates with less than eight years experience within the industry, who demonstrate commitment to continuous career advancement with a proven desire to reach the next level of professional development. This candidate is fast growing in importance within the industry, through demonstrating outstanding business acumen and professional integrity.



  • Thet Phu Lwin - Delaware (Singapore)
  • Doreen Goh - Hewlett Packard Enterprise (Singapore)
  • Mei Fern Lee - Insight (Singapore)
  • Fatin Fatihah Zahari - Microsoft (Malaysia)
  • Noemi Encarnacion - NTT Data (Philippines)
  • Sheila Marie Graza - Palo IT (Singapore)
  • Tish Wong - Sourced Group (Singapore)
  • Shirley Zhang - Veeam (Singapore)
  • Shruthi Bhaskar - Palo IT (Singapore)
  • Emmanuela Hartono - ViBiCloud (Indonesia)

Winner: Fatin Fatihah Zahari - Microsoft (Malaysia)

Fatin wins this award in recognition of her unwavering commitment to self-improvement and enhancement, evident through her approach of completing at least one new certification each month at Microsoft. And such an approach to up-skilling is paying dividends, with Fatin winning two worldwide strategic development awards and two local sub-awards for outstanding work in a cyber security project with a leading oil and gas organisation in Malaysia, delivered during her first 15 months of employment at Microsoft.



  • Lynette Lim - Cisco (Singapore)
  • Tiffany Choong - Google Cloud (Singapore)
  • Miracle Lim - Hewlett Packard Enterprise (Singapore)
  • Eunice Tan Yar Kiun - Microsoft (Malaysia)
  • Boram Kim - Cisco (Singapore)

Winner: Tiffany Choong - Google Cloud

Tiffany wins this award in recognition of her success in switching industries from management consulting to technology three years ago, and excelling at a regional level across Southeast Asia. Motivated by a desire to become an industry leading Chief Operations Officer, Tiffany spearheads multiple large-scale and complex engagements in addition to creating a robust Sales Excellence Program to coach employees on strategic selling, boardroom pitches and customer problem solving.

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The Technical award recognises the candidate who has excelled in the technical and engineering segment of the industry, demonstrating a proven depth of knowledge and abilities. This candidate has demonstrated excellence in problem-solving and decision-making skills, backed by an exemplary level of accomplishment in job performance.


  • Sala Muthukrishnan - DXC Technology (Singapore)
  • Imelda Muti - IBM (Indonesia)
  • Nawiya Innoom - ISS Consulting (Thailand)
  • Suriati Othman -  NTT Data (Malaysia)
  • Swati Sannidhi - Palo IT (Singapore)
  • Ravita Fasawang - VMware (Thailand)

Winner: Sala Muthukrishnan - DXC Technology (Singapore)

Sala wins this award in recognition of pioneering technical work within the field of business intelligence, progressing from a developer background into a leading analytics strategist across Asia. Sala is widely credited with helping build a data model specific to telecommunications in the form of ‘One View’, alongside the creation of sector specific analytics solutions for customers in healthcare, retail and insurance among others.


The Achievement award recognises the candidate showing outstanding commitment to the industry through continuous career development and professional achievements. This candidate has risen to a senior role, earned a reputation as an esteemed thought-leader and is recognised as a figurehead within the industry, and may also act as a role model/mentor to other aspiring female managers.

Presented by Pamela Lim - Senior Director of Channel Strategy & Programs APJ, Dell Technologies



  • Angeline Ong - Cisco (Singapore)
  • Pei Lin Yeo - Delaware (Singapore)
  • Tammie Tham - Ensign InfoSecurity (Singapore)
  • Vivian Chua - HP (Singapore)
  • Patama Chantaruck - IBM (Thailand)
  • Marie Christine Llanto-Ravelo - IBM (Philippines)
  • Rosette Carrao - Delaware (Philippines)
  • Chankaew Chantima - ISS Consulting (Thailand)
  • Azah Aziz - NTT Data (Malaysia)
  • Catherine Lian - IBM (Malaysia)
  • Caroline Gondokusumo - Dutakom Wibawa Putra (Indonesia)
  • Kanitha Soratjathamakul - Schneider Electric (Thailand)

Highly Commended: Catherine Lian - IBM (Malaysia)

Winner: Vivian Chua - HP (Singapore)

Vivian wins this award in recognition of rising through the ranks to lead HP in Singapore and Malaysia, drawing on more than 20 years of experience to drive local market growth. In addition to management excellence, Vivian has also used her influence to create a regional standard for diversity and inclusion at HP, with women representing 45 per cent of the workforce - more than 3000 employees - in Singapore, of which 35 per cent hold leadership positions.



  • Bhavika Thakkar - AspireNXT (Singapore)
  • Kathy Chen - Citrix (Singapore)
  • Jamie Lim - Dell Technologies (Singapore)
  • Yee May Leong - Equinix (Singapore)
  • Verena Siow - SAP (Thailand)
  • Sophie Ben Sadia - Schneider Electric (Singapore)
  • Marion Ryan - ServiceNow (Singapore)
  • May Lee - Hewlett Packard Enterprise (Singapore)
  • Radha Raman - IBM (Singapore)
  • Sandra Lee - Kaspersky (Singapore)
  • Suganthi Shivkumar - Qlik (Singapore)

Winner: Kathy Chen - Citrix

Kathy wins this award in recognition of a channel-centric career built on consistently delivering strategic excellence and innovation, following successful management roles at Microsoft, Cisco and now Citrix. Since starting out with a focus on distribution during the late 1990s, Kathy has built a reputation for over-achievement through a commitment to aligning complex vendor portfolios to customer and partner priorities across Asia Pacific and Japan.


The Innovation award recognises the candidate who is a stand-out in delivering ‘big picture’ ideas and vision within the industry, thereby responding to change and discovering unique and exciting business opportunities. This candidate has highlighted a proven track record of finding new and better ways of doing business, through continually pushing the envelope.


  • Citra Nudiasari - Abyor (Indonesia)
  • Serene Keng - Automation Anywhere (Singapore)
  • Kay Lenz Rumaguera-Zapanta - Cisco (Philippines)
  • Nadia Alatas - Cybertrend Intrabuana (Indonesia)
  • E-Vonne Loh - HP (Singapore)
  • Kerri Lampard - Cisco (Singapore)
  • Cheryl Cheng - VMware (Singapore)
  • Deborah Wong - Cisco (Singapore)
  • Ween Sze Teoh - World Wide Technology (Singapore)
  • Fransiska Devita - Cisco (Indonesia)

Highly Commended: Cheryl Cheng - VMware (Singapore)

Winner: Nadia Alatas - Cybertrend Intrabuana (Indonesia)

Nadia wins this award in recognition of leading the data science charge in Indonesia, evident through the creation and deployment of two industry-leading products leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation and advanced analytics. In addition to serving major banks, health corporations and telecommunications operators, Nadia is also working to up-skill the nation through Cybertrend Data Academy, joining forces with local universities to develop data science talent across the country through an ‘industry-ready’ academic curriculum.


The Community award recognises the candidate with exemplary service within the industry, through initiatives and efforts to foster positive diversity outcomes. This candidate is actively making a difference by working towards the advancement of gender and general diversity within technology, going above and beyond to give back to the community.


  • Joanna Yc Lee - Avanade (Singapore)
  • Vicki Batka - Cisco (Singapore)
  • Ivy Young - Cloud Seeders (Singapore)
  • Ishani Bose - Hewlett Packard Enterprise (Singapore)
  • Angela Lim - HP (Singapore)
  • Olivia B. Araneta - IBM (Philippines)
  • Jacqui Miranda - Microsoft (Singapore)
  • Lynsey McCulloch - NTT Data (Malaysia)
  • Ella Dujali-Mangubat - SAP (Philippines)
  • Anneliese Schulz - Software AG (Singapore)
  • Clarissa Segismundo - Microsoft (Philippines)
  • Adeline Tan - Sophos (Singapore)
  • Michelle Pearce - World Wide Technology (Singapore)

Winner: Ivy Young - Cloud Seeders

Ivy wins this award in recognition of launching Cloud Seeders in Singapore, created with the aim of becoming the world’s most member-centric learning community for women within the context of cloud computing. Designed to providing a safe and effective learning environment for women, Cloud Seeders has recruited more than 170 members within the space of six months, delivering seven technical workshops plus social networking and mentoring events in the process. Ivy combines this work with her role as Head of Security Professional Services across ASEAN at Amazon Web Services.