AWS allows ISVs to authorise own partners

ISVs can use self-service AWS Marketplace management portal to authorise preferred partners

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has handed more power over to independent software vendors (ISVs) using its marketplace in who can sell their products.

The cloud giant will now allow ISVs to use the self-service AWS Marketplace management portal to authorise their preferred consulting partners to resell their software to marketplace buyers.

AWS claims the move will allow ISVs and consulting partners to work together more efficiently to create what-it-calls a ‘Consulting Partner Private Offer’ (CPPO). These allow customers to purchase software solutions in AWS Marketplace directly from consulting partners, AWS said in a blog post.

The cloud provider added that ISVs and consulting partners can “simplify their operations and accelerate delivery to their customers”. 

In order to activate the authorisation, ISVs have to create a “resell opportunity” on the marketplace portal and therefore “quickly” grant permission to consulting partners they select to sell their products.