AWS Marketplace allows SaaS contract upgrades and renewals

AWS Marketplace sellers can create an upgrade or renewal offer for SaaS Contract

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced new upgrades to its marketplace to help customers renew software-as-a-service contracts.

As of now, any registered AWS Marketplace seller (ISV or consulting partner) can create an upgrade or renewal offer for SaaS Contract and consumption pricing (CCP) private offers.

According to AWS, the changes will allow customers to “keep up with their changing business needs” and accommodate expanding workloads on AWS.

Specifically, sellers can use self-service functionality within seller private offers to easily create an upgrade or renewal offer at any time during a buyer’s active agreement, AWS explained in a blog post. 

To create the upgrade, sellers can grant new entitlements, apply pricing discounts, update payment schedules, or change an end user license agreement (EULA).

ISVs and consulting partners can also now define a custom end-date on a new private offer with a flexible payment scheduler. Once a buyer reviews changes and accepts the agreement, the new terms immediately go into effect. 

“The previous terms, including any remaining scheduled payments, are overwritten, with no interruption to buyers’ software service,” the post added.