Cisco brings security to MSPs through Perch partnership

MSPs also gain access to free internal use licence program for security offerings

Cisco has partnered with cyber security developer Perch Security to bring additional security options to its managed service providers (MSPs).

Under the partnership, Florida-headquartered Perch has integrated its technology with Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints and Cisco Umbrella.

The integration allows access to the developer's security operations centre, duo multi-factor authentication and endpoint visibility, along with other Perch-connected services like Office365.

In addition to the Perch Security partnership, Cisco also announced the Cisco Secured MSP offer, allowing for Cisco MSPs access to a free internal use licence program spanning Cisco Umbrella for MSP, Cisco AMP and Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud.

Marc Inderhees, partner managed services leader, global partner organisation at Cisco, said it was important for MSPs to protect themselves in order to best serve their customers, especially small and medium-sized businesses.

“They are easy targets for cyber criminals and often the least prepared. MSPs are now on the front lines of protecting their clients against data breaches, malware, ransomware, and other attacks and often are feeling unprepared,” he said.

Aharon Chernin, CEO of Perch Security, added that partners are looking for co-managed threat detection and response solutions due to the combination of the threat landscape, shortage of security experts and the rising number of security products,

“For this reason, Perch is excited about expanding our ecosystem and our advanced integrations with Cisco," Chernin added. "This gives our partners better visibility into their customers’ environments and brings efficiency to our security operations centre.

“Increased visibility allows Perch to find more threats and take better automated actions. You will continue to see us innovate and provide enhanced integrations with additional Cisco products.”

The Cisco Security MSP offer will be available for Cisco MSP partners enrolled in the Cloud and Managed Service Program (CMSP) from the Express tier from 1 November 2019.