HL Bank looks to AWS for improved customer experience across APAC

Implementation of Amazon Connect will enable better workforce optimisation for HL Bank
Nick Walton (Amazon Web Services)

Nick Walton (Amazon Web Services)

HL Bank, the Singapore branch of Hong Leong Bank, has leveraged Amazon Connect enabling the bank to deliver better customer service with greater cost efficiency.

Amazon Connect is Amazon Web Services (AWS) solution for a self-service cloud-based contact centre.

Furthermore, the bank claims to be the first bank in Asia to roll out the self-service, cloud-based contact centre service powered by AWS.

“Hong Leong's relationship with AWS is powered by a shared commitment to improving customer experience,” said Nick Walton, managing director Southeast Asia at AWS. “Today's banking customers expect more personalisation, ease, speed and transparency.

"Through the early and strategic deployment of technology in next-generation banking, HL Bank is now ahead of the curve as Amazon Connect enables the bank to get more insight into why customers are calling, how to make calls more efficient for customers, and what new customer-service tools they need to implement.

"We are happy to support HL Bank in their long-term strategy of elevating their customers' experience."

The adoption of the AWS solution by the bank is part of its strategy in reimagining banking for customers as well as keeping operation simple for its employees, using digital technology.

“The Bank has been gaining recognition for our clear digital bank transformation strategy that has been impacting customers and employees positively and a lot of attention has been focused on providing customers greater convenience through our strategic investments into technology solutions,” added Domenic Fuda, group managing director and CEO of HLB.

“Over the past two years, we have deployed the application of AI, machine learning and automated technologies with big data to elevate the bank's customers' experience by providing service in a more predictive and intuitive way than ever before.

“The integration of Amazon Connect with our current methodology will enable us to continuously raise the bar in providing excellent customer experience with a powerful competitive differentiator in the market.”

Furthermore, the implementation of Amazon Connect will enable better workforce optimisation for HL Bank according to the financial institution, and because the solution is a cloud-based, digital-first solution, there is no requirement and investment in managing hardware, space or telephony infrastructure.

Customer support personnel can be connected to the customers, anywhere as long as they have an internet connection and a supported browser as the system is highly agile, allowing the bank freedom in tailoring the system based on its needs.

“We are confident that we will be able to achieve a faster and cost-efficient go-to-market readiness for customer support centre management with a 99.99 per cent redundancy compared to building and maintaining an in-premise internal platform,” said Jason Wong, managing director and CEO at HL Bank.

“This will allow us to redeploy our investment to other high-value investments for better product and service enhancements for our customers."

HL Bank has worked to ensure that the implementation of the Amazon Connect services meet the requirements of the Monetary Authority of Singapore's Technology Risk Management guidelines.

As a regional financial services company headquartered in Malaysia, HLB has a presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia and China.