Yippy strikes exclusive sales distribution deal with Singapore’s StarHub

A wholly-owned subsidiary, Yippy SG, has been formed in Singapore that will operate certain technology assets in partnership with StarHub

Data intelligence provider Yippy has entered into an exclusive sales distribution alliance with Singapore telecommunications provider StarHub, it has been revealed.

"We are very grateful to be closely associated with and a partner of StarHub,” said Richard Granville, CEO of Yippy. “Over the past year our teams have been engaged in multiple large projects in Singapore and received high marks from clients currently testing our offerings.

"Our focus is the client and providing them with the highest level of integrity and professionalism while engaging in fair dealings that benefit all parties.

"We believe StarHub and Yippy will be very successful in Singapore as we maintain industry leading solutions for private and managed cloud offerings."

The agreement aims to build off a previous arrangement between the companies, with StarHub maintaining the exclusive rights to sell and distribute Yippy services in the Singapore marketplace.

“In addition to advanced fibre and wireless data communications services, StarHub has greatly strengthened its enterprise offerings in the last couple of years with a wide range of information and communications integrated solutions, including private and managed cloud services, data analytics, cyber security, IoT, robotics and digital platforms to help propel the business of our customers,” added Dr Yoke Sin Chong, chief of Enterprise Business Group, StarHub.

“We are very pleased to partner with Yippy, adding its superior enterprise search solution to our offerings. In this era of information explosion, advanced search functionality is critical to businesses.

"We enable governments as well as companies in a variety of industries including banking, legal, insurance, education and healthcare services to implement their very own enterprise search engine with built-in smart bots, connectors and machine learning to extract meaningful data in real time across all internal and external sources.

“Yippy’s Search Engine delivers superior performance for any corporate, e-commerce or intranet search and I believe StarHub’s enterprise customers will greatly benefit from our technology alliance."

Through this agreement, a wholly-owned subsidiary, Yippy SG, has been formed in Singapore that will operate certain technology assets in partnership with StarHub effective immediately.

StarHub has faced uncertain times in recent years, as new incumbents continue to disrupt established markets, which the provider has historically been a significant player in locally.

In light of this, the provider announced in October 2018, its plans to undergo a strategic transformation to improve operational efficiencies and productivity over a three-year period from 2019; cutting 300 jobs in the process.

The transformation is expected to realise an estimated $210 million in savings over the three-year period from 2019, as the telco giant's new CEO grapples with increased competition and unfavourable market trends for its legacy business.

There will also be a strategic realignment towards new business such as the recently created cyber security company - Ensign InfoSecurity - and further digitalisation initiatives around customer experience and new wireless and fibre services.