Singtel’s Trustwave bolsters regional threat intelligence capability

Trustwave has incorporated actionable threat intelligence into its Advanced Security Operation Centre (ASOC) in Singapore

Cyber security vendor Trustwave, has expanded capabilities in identifying and eliminating cyber threats for its managed security services in the Asia Pacific region.

Trustwave, which was acquired by Singtel in 2015, has incorporated actionable threat intelligence into its Advanced Security Operation Centre (ASOC) in Singapore in an effort to strengthen its managed detection and response (MDR) offerings.

“Recent breaches targeting government and other major sectors by cyber criminals who have become better at evading detection have driven demand for managed security services that deliver global detection, hunting and quick remediation capabilities,” said Chris Schueler, senior vice president of managed security services at Trustwave.

“Actionable threat intelligence coupled with our global ASOC network is a game changer that greatly enhances an organisation’s security posture. Once a threat is discovered, even on an endpoint, we can go in and kill it,” Schueler added.

The actionable threat intelligence capability gives enterprises the ability to monitor, detect and immediately eradicate cyber threats down to individual endpoints and is supported by Trustwave SpiderLabs.

Trustwave SpiderLabs brings together an elite team of ethical hackers, threat hunters and incident responders who work together to combat cyber criminal activities and conduct deep forensic investigations.

The addition of actionable threat intelligence enables the vendor to reduce the time needed to discover zero-day vulnerabilities, adversaries’ tactics and malware signatures from days to just hours.

In all, Trustwave and Singtel operate 10 ASOCs across the Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas, providing the Group’s enterprise customers robust protection against cyber threats that are increasingly transnational in nature.

These facilities identify, track, and collect cyber security threat intelligence while serving as the delivery framework for managed security services.

Furthermore, with regional threats on the rise through targeted attacks and large scale data breaches, actionable threat intelligence is a worthy investment and a much needed resource to bolster regional cyber security capability.