Connectivity Global brings AI-enabled security to Singapore through Innovix

Nearly 40 per cent of the 146 reported cases of cyber attacks in 2017 involved primarily SMEs

Singapore-based Connectivity Global has announced plans to bring its artificial intelligence (AI) enabled email security system to market through regional distributor Innovix, reaching over 5,500 resellers across Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Connectivity Global was founded in Singapore in 2018 by a team of local experts through a joint venture with Korean cyber security company Kiwontech, offering integrated email security management solutions on cloud and on-premise.

The risk of cyber attacks continues to rise across the region, with nearly 40 per cent of the 146 reported cases of cyber attacks in 2017 involving primarily SMEs, according to the cyber security agency (CSA) of Singapore, with phishing attacks, in particular, seeing a 10 fold increase since 2016.

The AI enabled security system solution Connectivity Global is bringing to market in Singapore will provide businesses protection against hostile attacks by leveraging AI-enabled machine learning, multiple virtual areas, and image conversion.

“The cloud platform allows SMEs to enjoy elevated security against email cyber attacks without the need to pay a hefty amount for physical servers, granting much-needed cyber security protection to smaller players,” said Eugene Lee, director of business development at Connectivity Global.

Specifically, the solution will alert users of any spam emails, phishing emails, and malware among many other yet-to-be-identified viruses received in their inboxes, even falsified emails that other email security platforms are unable to detect, complementing solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 advanced threat protection (ATP).

Additionally, all malicious links in the text body are converted to image files to alleviate the risk of users unintentionally opening the document or clicking on dangerous links that contain malicious code.

The solution has been adopted in South Korea through Kiwontech with Connectivity Global bringing the solution to Singapore, making it accessible to start-ups and SMEs via a complementary cloud-based solution on Microsoft’s platform.