Boomi’s channel chiefs put more boots on the ground

Boomi’s channel chiefs put more boots on the ground

Boomi’s channel chiefs explain how they’re charging their channel up.

L-R: Dan McAllister, Jim Fisher (Boomi)

L-R: Dan McAllister, Jim Fisher (Boomi)

Credit: Boomi

Boomi’s relatively new hires of Dan McAllister and Jim Fisher have been at the company for less than a year and the pair are already looking to boost the vendor’s local channel support in region with more boots on the ground.

McAllister and Fisher took up the posts of SVP of global alliances and channels in April and VP of channels and partners for Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) in May, respectively. Since then, the pair said they’ve been bolstering the vendor's channel strategy.

“I've tried to optimise the organisational structure a bit and make sure that we had the right resources focused closer to the field and better connected to the field organisation,” McAllister said to ARN.

“So, we have our teams more regionally focused and connected to our sales and services and support organisations than they were in the past. What that does is it drives familiarity between the organisations – not only just the partners but the team themselves and it builds trust and it builds the ability to recognise the situations coming; how we should react to opportunities in the market together. So, really, just trying to bring the local teams closer together so they can execute better.”

Meanwhile, Fisher considers the company’s internal conversation points around growth rate to be “almost irrelevant” and instead would rather focus on making partners more successful.

“Specifically in the space we're in, if I can make a partner's organisation successful, that will then help grow our business rather than just demanding things from the partner; ... [by aligning] our business towards them and then the rewards will come back to us. So, just a small philosophy change there,” Fisher said to ARN.

While Boomi is embracing partners of all kinds, the vendor is looking to place different levels of focus on relationships depending on whether they invest in their partnership.

On one hand, McAllister said, there are the top-level partners, which have “very high touch, very close relationships”, referring to Atturra as an example – an IT services provider that one three out of six awards at the vendor's Boomi’s Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) Partner awards for 2023 – “who will also invest and have that mutual enthusiasm to participate”.

For the comparably less enthusiastic partners, McAllister said he prefers a low touch relationship for the companies “that are like, 'I have an important client. It may not be the largest client may not be the most to revenue to us, but it's important to them', and I want to make sure they're successful”.

“So, I give them low touch tools and automation to help support in that way. I have to think about it in both directions because in that longtail of, let's say, the bottom 500 partners, that's a lot of revenue and a lot of impact we have in the market as well and I want to make sure we're giving them the tools to support that,” he added.

Both McAllister and Fisher claimed that there’s always room for improvement with how Boomi operates with its partners, with them both looking very much at maintaining the vendor's current channel strategy.

Fisher in particular, who has lived in Japan for a number of years, embraces the Kaizen, or continuous improvement, approach to business.

“Do the one-on-one stuff really well and nail that down. Once you've got that, you've operationalised that, then you can look at something else,” he said.

“I resist the temptation to throw everything up in the air and start again. You've got to come back to the fundamentals. 

"The space we're in right now, it's one of the hottest times in the history of IT and right in the space we're in, the whole digital transformation space and what we enable partners to do, the opportunity for the partners is great. 

"We've got great technology, we've hired good people, it's just getting all those little pieces operating exceptionally well and then the opportunities will come.

“If we don't do the simple things first, we'll just delay the growth.”

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