Netlify Composable Web Platform aims to modernise web architecture

Netlify Composable Web Platform aims to modernise web architecture

Modular, framework-agnostic platform combines unified content layer, developer workflow and visual editor for creating, editing and publishing web content.

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Netlify, key proponent of the Jamstack web architecture, has unveiled the Netlify Compsable Web Platform, a unified platform for developers, architects, marketers and content maintainers for building and deploying composable websites.

Introduced October 19, the Netlify Composable Web Platform promises to simplify content orchestration, streamline and unify developer workflows and accelerate production for enterprise teams. The modular and framework-agnostic web platform is intended to supersede legacy monolithic web architectures and serve as a foundation for companies wanting to modernise, Netlify said.

Netlify Composable Web Platform links content, code and infrastructure and enables developers to select best-of-breed components to integrate into a single workflow, the company said. Enterprises can personalise customer experiences and deploy scalable and secure websites, ecommerce stores and web applications on-demand and with zero configuration, Netlify said.

Netlify said the platform serves as the culmination of its acquisitions this year of Gatsby, which has provided a cloud platform for web delivery and content orchestration, and Stackbit, which provides no-code website editing. The Netlify Composable Web Platform provides a single interface to three solutions:

  • Netlify Core, a cloud-based system that provides development teams with a platform and workflow to focus on building websites and apps without consuming time and resources on labour-intensive operations. Advancements added to Netlify Core are intended to ensure that updating or rebuilding assets only happens when needed and keeps customer applications consistent, up-to-date and performant.
  • Netlify Connect, a data unification layer that brings content sources and CMS applications together in a single location, giving web teams the ability to orchestrate how and where content is served to front end digital experiences. A new private SDK allows companies to create a connection between their content source and Netlify Connect.
  • Netlify Create, a visual content editor that integrates with chosen content systems, frameworks and architectures.

The Netlify Composable Web Platform is supported by the Netlify partner ecosystem as well as by Netlify's enterprise support services and security.

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