Huawei achieves top Singapore cyber security standard

Huawei achieves top Singapore cyber security standard

Suggests ample investment in cyber resources to protect partners, customers and its own IT infrastructure.

L-R: Sean Yang (Huawei), Veronica Tan (CSA), Foo Fang Yong (Huawei), Dave Cheng (SOCOTEC Certification Singapore), Dennis Chan (Huawei)

L-R: Sean Yang (Huawei), Veronica Tan (CSA), Foo Fang Yong (Huawei), Dave Cheng (SOCOTEC Certification Singapore), Dennis Chan (Huawei)

Credit: Huawei

Huawei has been awarded the Cyber Trust mark (Advocate) by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA).

The cyber security standard implies that Huawei has invested in ample measures, resources and expertise to protect their operations, partners and customers from cyber attacks.

The Cyber Trust mark certification has five tiers, which ensures that organisations get certified based on their cyber security risk profile.

The Cyber Trust mark (Advocate) is awarded to organisations who are independently assessed on 22 domains comprising cyber governance and oversight, cyber education, information asset protection, secure access and environment and cyber security resilience.

“Cyber security is Huawei's top priority and certification is the most effective way to demonstrate our commitment and credibility in cyber security, hence building trust with our stakeholders,” said Foo Fang Yong, CEO of Huawei International.

“Huawei advocates and promotes the establishment of cyber security standards that are globally recognised and agreed upon, including supporting local certification led by local regulators.

“It is our collective responsibility to strengthen the cyber readiness of the entire ecosystem and promote the cyber safety for Singapore’s critical information infrastructure, which is why we embark on this Cyber Trust mark certification developed by CSA and aligning ourselves with the nation’s highest standard.

“We look forward to continuing to work with CSA and supporting initiatives that enable businesses to improve their cyber security preparedness in Singapore.”

Since 2021, Huawei has collaborated with CSA as one of the advocate partners for the SG Cyber Safe Partnership Program to foster a safer cyberspace for local organisations.

Through this program, Huawei works with CSA to help organisations in Singapore bolster their cyber security and boost awareness, while also encouraging them to attain CSA’s Cyber Essentials mark.

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