Avanade unveils generative AI lab for Southeast Asia

Avanade unveils generative AI lab for Southeast Asia

Located within its Malaysian office.

Bhavya Kapoor (Avanade)

Bhavya Kapoor (Avanade)

Credit: Avanade

Avanade has launched a generative artificial intelligence (AI) lab for the Southeast Asian market that is also a centre of excellence for partners and customers.

Located within its office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Avanade is aiming to explore and co-create generative AI solutions with the lab as well as grow local talent to support the region.

It will provide immersive workshops and demonstrations like engaging with data to create interactive conversations that can replace dashboards, using real-time voice analytics to extract customer insights through transcriptions and sentiment analysis, as well as generating visuals through text inputs.

“With AI reshaping industries and redefining the relationship between people and technology, Avanade’s Generative AI Lab is the ideal sandbox for our clients to reimagine products and services for their customers and what the future of work looks like for their employees,” said Bhavya Kapoor, Southeast Asia managing director at Avanade.

“This investment reinforces our commitment to unleash the potential of Malaysia and the Southeast Asian region by helping organisations to uncover the transformative capabilities of AI and data and therefore positioning them at the forefront of the AI revolution."

Avanade has been collaborating closely with its long-term partner Microsoft to explore innovation in the field of AI and has worked to develop AI-driven solutions on the Microsoft cloud.

“The emergence of generative AI enables organisations to be more creative, productive and efficient,” said K Raman, managing director of Microsoft Malaysia. “It functions as a catalyst that drives meaningful innovation.

“The establishment of Avanade’s Generative AI Lab in Malaysia marks a crucial step in bringing to life the opportunities of this cutting-edge technology locally and across the region. We are glad to partner with Avanade in advancing the adoption of AI for more people and organisations in Malaysia and beyond.”

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