Microsoft Teams suffers another outage in the North America region

Microsoft Teams suffers another outage in the North America region

Microsoft 365 suite of applications continues to face downtime at least once every month this year.

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In yet another incident of an outage this year for Microsoft 365, enterprises using the company’s North American infrastructure for running Teams faced disruption on Wednesday evening, resulting in delay in sending or receiving messages over the productivity application.

“We’re investigating an incident affecting Microsoft Teams. Users may encounter delays or failures sending and receiving messages. For more details, please see TM675041 on the Service Health Dashboard in the admin center,” the company po708777sted on Twitter, now rebranded as X.

Two hours after its first post, the company determined that the problem affecting Teams was specific to some users served through affected infrastructure in North America.

“We’re routing affected service traffic to healthy infrastructure to alleviate impact,” it w708777rote on X.

The company claimed to have solved the issue an hour after it sent out the second post on X and the company’s service status page shows all 365 services in good health at the time of writing.

Nine outages in eight months

However, this is not the first time that a Microsoft 365 application has suffered an outage. The current incident takes the count to nine occurrences in eight months.

In June, users faced issues with Outlook Web, Teams, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint for over eight hours. 

In May, the company reported that UK users were facing issues accessing some service offerings under Microsoft 365.

In April, Microsoft said it was investigating an issue where certain users were unable to use the search functionality in multiple Microsoft 365 services. Outlook on the Web, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, and Outlook desktop clients were among the affected services.

In another incident in April, users could not access Microsoft 365 web applications and Teams.

Microsoft also suffered a global outage in February and yet again its users could not access emails and Teams. It suffered a similar outage in January.

The company also faced a data center outage in Australia last month and later blamed it on staff strength and failed automation.

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