Confluent launches new partner program

Confluent launches new partner program

Will offer go-to-market strategies focused on marketing efforts.

Erika Schultz (Confluent)

Erika Schultz (Confluent)

Credit: Confluent

Data streaming platform Confluent has launched a new technology partner program globally offering more technical, sales and marketing support. 

The US-headquartered vendor will now offer more go-to-market strategies focused on marketing efforts, including sales and marketing tooling built specifically for data streaming pipeline generation. 

Confluent will also offer new data streaming use cases covering the entire Apache Kafka ecosystem, a distributed event store and stream-processing platform. 

Partners can also integrate with a complete data streaming platform so customers can focus more on driving consumption and spend less time managing open-source Kafka.  

“When companies can harness streams of real-time data from previously siloed teams and applications across their business, it creates a powerful network effect that opens new avenues for growth and innovation,” said Erica Schultz, president of field operations at Confluent.  

“As technology partners bring Confluent data streams directly into their platforms, they unlock potential for more cutting edge, real-time applications to be developed on their platform.” 

Confluent currently has alliances with Arcion, AWS Lambda, Clickhouse, Elastic, Google Cloud, HiveMQ, Imply, Materialize, MongoDB, Onehouse, Precisely, Qlik, Quix, Rockset, Startree, Tinybird and Waterstream. 

Last year, Confluent appointed Kamal Brar as senior vice president of Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ), with the remit of strengthening the provider’s presence across the region.

Singapore-based Brar previously worked at the likes of Oracle and IBM to MongoDB and most recently, Rubrik.

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