Nutanix streamlines Yogyakarta city government’s services

Nutanix streamlines Yogyakarta city government’s services

Integrates multiple applications into one platform to improve service efficiency.

Han Chon (Nutanix)

Han Chon (Nutanix)

Credit: Nutanix

Nutanix has helped Indonesia’s Yogyakarta City Communication, Informatics and Encryption Office (Diskominfosan) integrate over 229 government applications into one platform.

Using the Nutanix Cloud Platform, Diskominfosan adopted a DevOps model using microservices and Kubernetes on the Nutanix Kubernetes Engine, named the Jogja Smart Service (JSS) platform.

More than 217,000 users are expected to benefit from the streamlined JSS platform.

Prior to this, Diskominfosan had encountered numerous challenges due to the fragmentation of IT systems and the complexity of managing large data sets across physical servers.

“The Nutanix platform provides the needed scalability and efficiency for our overall plan and blue map,” said Ignatius Trihastono, head of the Diskominfosan.

“The hope is that the JSS application and the Yogyakarta City Smart City program can become an example for the implementation of e-government aligned with regulations.”

The vendor claimed the JSS platform has enhanced the major Indonesian city’s public services as well as enabled “significant cost savings” for the local government.

According to Diskominfosan, the elimination of silos between teams led to a shortened application response time of under five seconds.

Furthermore, the platform implementation led to an 80 per cent reduction in IT man-hours and a 50 per cent decrease in its overall IT operating costs, Nutanix claimed.

With most systems now automated, the team was able to allocate their time and resources “more effectively”.

In addition, the new application ensures JSS information and services are available round the clock – even during peak use periods – without concerns about infrastructure reliability.

“We are proud to have played a crucial role in empowering the Yogyakarta City Government's digital transformation journey,” said Han Chon, managing director of ASEAN, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea (SEATHK) at Nutanix.

“Our partnership with Diskominfosan exemplifies the power of technology in driving impactful changes in the public sector and creating a smart society ecosystem. We remain committed to supporting the Yogyakarta City Government's vision and look forward to further innovation and success together.”

Nutanix will continue to collaborate with the government in its Smart City program, with plans to implement other solutions such as Nutanix Files Storage.

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