FPT Software earns AWS Security Competency status

FPT Software earns AWS Security Competency status

Reaffirms commitment to deliver on cloud transformation services.

Credit: FPT Software

Vietnam-based FPT Software has officially achieved the Security Services Competency badge from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The badge forms part of the cloud vendor’s revamped range of competencies aimed at security and managed security service providers (MSSP).

According to FPT Software, the badge attainment marks its commitment to serve customers on their cloud transformation journey.

“AWS Security Services Competency demonstrates the commitment of FPT Software's team in developing and providing professional cloud transformation services for businesses globally,” said Frank Bignone, FPT Software’s vice president and managing director of its Digital Transformation Division.

“Moving to the cloud has become a top priority for modern businesses across all industries, and FPT Software will continue to build on our proven expertise and leverage global presence to facilitate a successful cloud journey for our clients worldwide.”

At its annual conference last year, AWS unveiled eight new Security Services Competency badge categories as it aimed to align its work streams with issues its “customers commonly encounter during their cloud journey”.

The new categories included identity and access management; threat detection and response; infrastructure security; data protection; compliance and privacy; application security; perimeter protection and core security.

In addition to the new badge, FPT has been busy expanding its global reach by extending partnerships with European allies and securing acquisitions to strengthen its footprint in the Americas.

Headquartered in Hanoi, FPT reportedly earned over US$803 million in revenue in 2022 and has over 27,000 employees spread across 28 countries.

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