DSO turns to Red Hat to advance R&D efforts

DSO turns to Red Hat to advance R&D efforts

To tap on the vendor’s open hybrid cloud portfolio and integrate its systems.

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Singapore’s defence R&D organisation DSO National Laboratories (DSO) has partnered with Red Hat to develop new DevSecOps practices and edge computing deployments on the vendor’s open hybrid cloud portfolio.

The collaboration will facilitate a knowledge exchange and support DSO’s DevSecOps efforts, which is an IT approach that combines development, operations and system security practices.

DSO will adopt Red Hat’s hybrid cloud solution and aims to improve the integration and interoperability of its systems.

Additionally, through the collaboration, DSO aims to quickly develop and deploy software to respond to evolving mission conditions in the field.

“Red Hat is a valuable partner in accelerating DSO’s software development and deployment efforts,” said Cheong Chee Hoo, chief executive officer of DSO. “This collaboration will significantly advance our knowledge and capabilities in the latest DevSecOps practices as we deliver solutions from enterprise IT systems to mission-critical systems deployed in the field.”

Red Hat will offer access to its solutions like Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and Red Hat Device Edge, which may enable DSO to “enhance” its automation processes and “bridge old and new IT systems” to deliver applications and services.

Red Hat claims Device Edge can help DSO deliver enterprise-ready, lightweight Kubernetes container orchestrations, building on the MicroShift project to support different use cases and workloads on small, resource-constrained devices at the farthest edge.

Meanwhile, the integration of technologies like OpenShift and Ansible Automation Platform is intended to help DSO further extend container applications to even more remote areas running on resource-constrained devices.

“We are pleased to collaborate with DSO on technology solutions that can help drive their digitalisation agenda,” said Daniel Aw, vice president of enterprise sales at Red Hat APAC.

“With the adoption of Red Hat open-source technologies, DSO will have more agility to respond quickly and nimbly to new challenges through continuous innovation. We look forward to working with DSO on DevSecOps, automation, and other initiatives that will help DSO advance Singapore’s defence resiliency.”

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